Enjoy A Day Tour Of Your Choice Through Discover Seoul Pass

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Embark on an exciting travel adventure with Discover Seoul Pass!

Whether you love nature trips or museum visits, Discover Seoul Pass Seoul (DSP) takes you to day tours that will tailor fit your preference.


Aside from key attractions in Seoul, various services and cultural shows will make your dream South Korea vacation filled with amazing memories to share with friends or loved ones. To date, over 90 tourist spots can be availed on free or discounted admissions with Discover Seoul Pass.

From historical places to nature and city attractions, this amazing treat for travelers also provide Korean culture and shopping experience like no other. Saving a lot of money while visiting South Korea’s amazing places is one of the many things this must-have travel essential can offer.

A good deal for travelers, DSP also functions as T-Money card. It allows passholders to take public transportation all over the city.

Below are Seoul destinations that you can take advantage with Discover Seoul Pass. Do note, that changes may happen so check DSP website for updates on featured attractions.

Meanwhile, here are Incheon and Gyeonggi destinations that you can visit with Discover Seoul Pass Seoul Plus Edition. However, some of the places are on limited availability. Refer to DSP’s website for latest news and features offered by Discover Seoul Pass.

For BTS lovers, the pass is also on an exclusive BTS limited edition design.

To make the most out of your Discover Seoul Pass, read through the suggested itineraries below.

Historical Tours

2 Seoul Palaces + 2 Museums + Seoul City Tour Bus

Marvel at the grandiose designs of Seoul’s Grand Palaces. Ideally, set your palace visit from Wednesday to Sunday since Gyeongbokgung is closed on Tuesday and the other three palaces are closed on Monday. Within the vicinity of Gyeongbokgung, head to National Palace Museum and National Folk Museum to learn more about relics and culture from Joseon dynasty.

Alternatively, National Museum of Modetn and Contemporary Arts is also a stone throw away from the palaces.

Seal your day trip with a refreshing ride aboard Seoul City Tour Bus. The hop-on-hop-off bus passes through major Seoul tourist attractions in various courses. Thus, you can use it to reach Seoul tourist spots that are near each other.

N Seoul Tower + N Seoul Hanbok Experience + Seoul Zoo

Date your loved ones in the refreshing view of N Seoul tower. Capture souvenir shots in the famed love lock terrace. Try out the array of food served within the area before heading to the observatory for a 360 city view of Seoul.

Travel back in time and wear Korea’s traditional dress, hanbok. Make sure to take a remembrance shot while garbed in a Korean traditional attire.

Get closer encounter with adorable animals at Seoul Zoo in Seoul Grand Park. Traipse on the breathtaking scenery as you meet zoo creatures along the way.

Running Man Thematic Experience + Alive Museum + Yellow Balloon City Bus Tour

Taking “rest tour” is a must to sustain strength in completing the set itinerary when traveling. Hence, allot a day to engage in indoor activities such as museum visits or experiential programs. Unleash your inner “running man” and bask on exciting games, maze activities and puzzles at Running Man Thematic Experience.

Cool off the energy you will expend and be creative in taking photos at Alive Museum. Finish off your day with a ride on Yellow Balloon City Bus Tour. The hop-on-hop-off bus takes you to key places in downtown Seoul.

TIP: While at Dongdaemun, check out some shopping places nearby.

SMTOWN Museum + Starfield Library + COEX Aquarium

Over at Gangnam area, you can get a freestyle concept museum tour for the whole family and friendship circle to enjoy. For K-Pop lovers, a visit at SMTOWN is a must. Featuring mementos from the biggest K-Pop stars cradled by SM Entertainment, the K-Pop haven has a souvenir shop and cafe to indulge on. Additionally, a rich history display of South Korea’s renowned entertainment agency gifts a nostalgic trip to any hardcore K-Pop fan. Hologram concerts are also presented at SMTOWN Theater. While at the mall, drop by at Starfield Library and be amazed at the vast collection of books.

From there, head to COEX Aquarium to get an amazing encounter with sea creatures. COEX Aquarium’s massive display of aquatic creatures is perfect for the whole family. Children and the elderly would surely love its designed course.

MBC World + 63 Building

Focusing on Korean Wave, MBC World highlights displays and experiential activities exhibiting MBC’s popular dramas and television programs. Divided in zones, amuse yourself with programs such as news desk and VR photo experiences. Also, head to the museum which showcases costumes and life-size standees of popular MBC historical drama characters.

Delight on marine creatures showcased at 63 Seaworld in 63 building. In addition to watching an extraordinary mermaid show, lounge while overwhelming yourself with creative display of artworks at 63 ART Gallery.

Suggested itineraries Using DSP Seoul Plus Edition

Kindly note that the pass is limited edition and its run will be ending on October 31, 2019.

Korean Folk Village Tour + Seoul Palace Tour

Explore Korean Folk Village, a unique park hoisting structures and culture of the late Joseon era. Moreover, experience programs such as traditional games and Joseon life experience programs. Witness live performances of Farmer’s music, horseback martial arts and folk wedding ceremony.

Head back to Seoul and take a pick from Seoul’s four grand palaces – Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeongung and Deoksugung for a complete blast-from-the-past day tour.

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress + Hwaseong Haenggung Palace + Everland

Stock up energy for this jam-packed day trip! Combining the past and present feel, travelers can enjoy traipsing on Unesco World Heritage Site – Hwaseong Fortress. Just near the citadel is Haenggung palace. If you love Korean historical series, Love in the Moonlight, Moon Embracing the Sun, and Rooftop Prince are some of the dramas filmed in the palace.

After a historical trip, head to Everland Resort for a thrilling adventure. Have fun on exciting  rides for young and old while frolicking on the festive vibe of the world-class theme park. Get closer encounter to zoo animals and adorable pandas as you take Instagram-worthy photos in scenic backgrounds.

Nami Island + Petite France + Garden of the Morning Calm

Bathe in the picturesque landscape and nature treats at Nami Island. Beautiful in four seasons, thread on its stunning treeline pathways and canopies.

Inspired by a popular book, Petite France is a miniature French village that is also a favorite shooting location for Korean dramas. Vibrantly colored, indulge in various quaint museums and shop some souvenir to take home. Finally, stroll along the breathtaking garden views in Garden of the Morning Calm.

For instructions on how to purchase Discover Seoul Pass, visit its official website.

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Image Credit: Korea Tourism Organization website

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