7 Emotionally Draining Conflicts In 2018 Korean Dramas That Got Us Affected Badly In Real Life

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Getting affected on the problem raised in a Korean drama is but normal for avid fans.

Whether it may be those cliché political powerplay conflicts or rich family wealth tug-of-war scenarios, a series of unfortunate events usually beef up the growth of characters maneuvering the K-dramas we watch.

While predictable problems tend to thrive in Korean drama landscape, we have seen a few innovative and emotionally evoking plot concerns which fueled the stunning continuity of stories we have seen in the 2018 roster so far .

In some cases, we even took all those problems as our personal woes, wishing for that writer to find the best resolutions that would give happy endings for the K-drama characters we rooted for.

Here are some lingering narrative conflicts among all those crazy issues we dealt with in 2018 Korean dramas:

1. Unfortunate hero setbacks in “Doubtful Victory”

Doubtful Victory

Yoon Kyun Sang has had the viewers in a few hair-tugging moments, with how much his fictional life has been seemingly going to the wrong way every time. From being framed, betrayed, jailed, losing his loved ones and finding the identity of his real father, he was able to draw the audience’ protective instincts – because who wouldn’t want to help him emerge victorious on his misfortunes?

2. The curse of the tree in “That Man Oh Soo”

That Man Oh Soo

For a change, we didn’t have families or annoying third parties hindering the love fulfillment of OCN’s That Man Oh Soo. Having a not-so-giving tree intent to break apart the love pairing made the viewers feel so helpless in trying to argue with an emotionless-entity that held the key to Oh Soo and Yoo Ri’s true love journey.

3. Lee Ji An’s Debts in “My Mister”

Arguably a defining moment in Lee Ji Eun (IU)’s career as an actress, she broke our hearts with how she grasped the vulnerability and strength of her character – that a simple scene of her drinking her favorite coffee had made the audience in the brink of tears. Her poignant story made viewers willing to have a funding drive to help pay off her financial problems.

4. You-and-me-against-mom conflict in “Something in the Rain”

Something in the Rain

In hindsight, what made this seemingly trite conflict emotionally absorbing was how the premise of the close-knit families of the lead couple led to that painful love complication. But that very same problem drove the serene narrative made even more ruminative by the heartfelt dialogues and spontaneous scenarios.

5. The crumbling Joseon in “Mr. Sunshine”

Fans of Mr. Sunshine automatically became freedom fighters in their own right as they cheered for Captain Choi, Lady Ae Sin, Gu Dong Mae, Kudo Hina, and Kim Hee Sung’s fight for the distressed country in the cusp of being reigned by the Japanese empire. The poignant conflict spinning the story left lingering lessons about life realities that most adults could relate to.

6. The rampaging evil spirit Park Il Do in “The Guest”

The Guest (2)

Currently airing The Guest is a good training ground to ready your heart for future scary relationships. *wink

OCN’s thriller-exorcism drama solidly scares yet it makes you crave to watch it as a habit. The leader of the ghost minions possessing people and its gripping encounters, with taxi driver Hwa Pyung, detective Kil Young and exorcist Choi Yoon, have explained the well-received following from the viewers.

7. False Lawyer Go Yeon Woo in “Suits”

Suits korean drama recap

With legal setting as the backdrop, Park Hyung Sik’s rendition as a fake lawyer, saddled by life complications eventually missing the best of what his brilliant mind can offer, gives a nudge of what today career people can relate to. It specifically shares sentiments with how most of us encounter people in the corporate world, whose connections rule out the abilities they lack in securing jobs they don’t deserve.

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