K-Drama Review: “That Man Oh Soo” Endears With Ample Romance You Can Addictively Rewatch

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It’s nothing but unadulterated sweet bliss in the love parade of That Man Oh Soo!

That Man Oh Soo has turned out to be a habit-forming romantic comedy for its fans this year. Credit to its commitment to generously give sweet moments for the watchers to just smile and feel giddy-ish.

That Man Oh Soo


Title: That Man Oh Soo/Evergreen
Distributor: OCN
Theme: Romance, Fantasy
Length: 16
Broadcast Date: 05 Mar 2018 – 28 Apr 2018
Main Leads: Lee Jong Hyun, Kim So Eun, Kang Tae Oh, Huh Jung Min
Overall Rating: 
Re-watch Value: 
Plus Factors: Romantic Comedy Hook, Memorable On-screen love pairing
Oh No Moments: Safe ending
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That Man Oh Soo

In terms of making the viewers feel good, I would give an almost perfect score on how the writing for That Man Oh Soo is focused – making the love happen for the lead couple, as expected for fan service-oriented K-Dramas.

That Man Oh Soo Finale Week Recap

Yoo Ri learns about the supernatural curse which pushed Oh Soo to break up with her. In order to protect the woman he loves, he resorts to an irreversible antidote that eventually wipes out his 28 years of memory.

Three years after, Oh Soo returns from Germany looking for a missing piece he feels inside his heart that his memory cannot reveal. Yoo Ri has been getting promotions at work, but her friend Jin Woo worries about the length of time she has invested in keeping Oh Soo inside his heart.

He bumps onto Yoo Ri, who has been using the closed cafe as a hangout whenever she wallows in loneliness. Drunk Yoo Ri thinks that Oh Soo has just visited her in her dream so she clings for him not to leave. The next day she wakes up with a smile on her face.

Yoo Ri ends up in the beach where she last created a beautiful memory with Oh Soo. When she stands up to leave, she sees Oh Soo smiling at her. He invites her for a coffee as they walk side by side at the beach.

That Man Oh Soo

That Man Oh Soo Episode Recap Links

Episodes: 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9&10, 11&12, 13&14

That Man Oh Soo


Mushy Romance Hook

Viewers would definitely admit how That Man Oh Soo drew its following because of the cheesy love lines and heart fluttering scenes. A rom-com staple that when hit accurately would definitely make the audience yielding to dismiss whatever nonsense the plot of the story may arise to.

That is exactly what happened in the waning moments of the story when the supernatural element of the story saddened the romantic buildup which took almost 90% of the story. The happier notes of the narrative cushioned the tail end depressing spurt because of the amount of candied memories provided by the love pairing.

that man oh soo

Lee Jong Hyun & Kim So Eun

It is easy to love OCN’s second romance drama this year, no matter how predictable it is, owing to the main leads’ undeniable on-screen chemistry. Kim So Eun’s talent and devotion to suit up for her role is evidently displayed. Lee Jong Hyun puts up an adorable male lead, who has calculated well the best angles in strengthening the heart-fluttering frames, which are dependent to the hero’s timing and interpretation.

That Man Oh Soo


Excellent Supporting Cast

That Man Oh Soo made use of its small cast to the fullest. Special mentions to actors Kang Tae Oh and Huh Jung Min whose characters deserve to be applauded. Jin Woo and Ga Na have owned their personas well enabling them to stand out in the story.

That Man Oh SooThat Man Oh Soo


Last minute supernatural spurt

Banking on the memorable and candied romantic story, as a fervent K-drama viewer, I accepted the trite ending. If truth be told, and if you have religiously followed it, it’s easy to give a free pass on whatever path the closure took as long as it turns out to be blissful. *wink

No matter how crazy and how forceful the last minute supernatural spurt appeared to be, it stood benefiting on the established glorious moments of the story. That being said, we wish the story ran longer to compensate the problematic fantasy inclusion, which halted the endearing bread and butter frames of the story.

That Man Oh Soo

Plot Summary

A man, who inherited the ability to induce romance by adding magical love pollens on the coffee served by his family owned cafe, finds the meaning of true love when he is forced to confront that his destiny would endanger the life of the first woman he has ever loved.

That Man Oh Soo


That Man Oh Soo is a light and comforting watch perfect for rom-com cravers. Though it struggled at its end game, it is the kind of drama that you would rerun due to its sweet scenes. However, we wish it could have ended on a spree of more sweet notes after pulling the amnesia trick, since for the majority of its run, the drama was strongest on the love couple’s saccharine frames. But then again, we were delighted for the most parts of the story, and that’s all that matters.

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