5 Reasons Why MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Is Every MONBEBE’s Perfect Boyfriend Material

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Minhyuk will always have every MONBEBE mesmerized and captivated by his many charms and this is why ~

In every K-pop group, there is normally at least one member who many fans deem as perfect boyfriend material. And even though all six members have their own personalities fit for the title as boyfriend material, Minhyuk settles on the top spot.

Here are five of the many reasons why Minhyuk is the perfect boyfriend material.

5 Reasons Why MONSTA X's Minhyuk Is The Perfect Boyfriend Material

1. Minhyuk is a selca master

As the resident sunshine, it is always a shame to only see Minhyuk’s bright smile through pictures. Imagine how flawless and handsome he is with his selca. How much more when seeing him up close, right?

Minhyuk is dubbed as MONSTA X’s selca master. In an episode in Weekly Idol, the hosts even challenged him to take a decent photo of the group. And it came nicely with all the members showing up in the snap! We definitely can’t ignore the fact that he is one of the few idols who knows how to take a perfect selca. Especially the boyfriend-like photos that always leave MONBEBE starstruck.


2. Minhyuk has a soft and soothing voice

Boyfriends sometimes sing songs to their lovers. And some girls like someone who plays the guitar while serenading them with their favorite love song. Well, Minhyuk can do better!

With an ever-charming voice that takes away all stress on a tiring day, Minhyuk can sing whatever genre it is and he will make it sound like a lullaby. His sweet vocals can even calm all ranging storms, to say the least. Here are a few videos that showcase Minhyuk’s vocals that surely melt your heart.

3. Minhyuk is a ball of sunshine

Minhyuk is the sunshine, himself. He has great visuals plus a good sense of humor. No wonder he gets tons of hosting projects and is currently dubbed as the next-generation MC. With a natural goofy side and wittiness, it won’t be long until MONBEBE’s puppy dominates all television networks.

4. Minhyuk is always thoughtful and considerate

When you’re in a relationship, good communication is the hardest thing to maintain. Minhyuk has no problems with this as he always mentions MONBEBE and considers what they like and would like to see. He would always make time out of his very busy schedule to share what he’s done for the whole day.

Specifically, Minhyuk even asked his fans one time if they would like to see him in a weekly schedule. This was pertaining to his Naver NOW radio program VogueShip Show and Seezn’s Back to the Idol with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. To think, it is actually not necessary for him to inform fans about his projects, but because he did all these to give MONBEBE only the best!


5. Minhyuk exceeds kindness and respect

His VogueShip Show program proved that Minhyuk is sociable and he has this amazing ability to make his guests comfortable. Actually, this is because Minhyuk treats his guests with kindness and respect. Not only that, he expressed how he feels towards aspiring idols during his Arena Homme Plus interview. Through the interview, Minhyuk mentioned that, if possible, he would give free lectures to aspiring idols who are currently in the same situation when he was still a trainee.

“I started training to become an idol later than most people. And, there was no one around me who could teach me anything about being a trainee. So, I want to help people who are like me.” – MONSTA X Minhyuk

Overall, Minhyuk is really an ideal man that every person can ever dream of. He is extremely talented in dancing, singing, performing, hosting, painting, and even making his fans feel appreciated and loved. If the world can permit, we would even wish for him to be cloned! But no, there can only be one Lee Minhyuk— MONBEBE’s pride and sunshine!

Image Source: Starship Entertainment

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