7 “Something In The Rain” Moments That Made Us Want To Buy Jung Hae In More Food

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Spring has never been this sweet since Jung Hae In stole our hearts with his unrequited love in Something in the Rain!

If you have caught on the stunning romantic story of Something in the Rain, you might have suffered envious attacks from the sweet chemistry of lead couple, Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin.

Jung Hae In

The love pairing reinvented the meaning of house dates and strongly drives an advocacy for ladies, who have been in sad past relationships to look for a younger man. *giggles

Jung Hae In, who notched his first lead role, has been gaining immense following, thanks to his dreamboy performance in the series.

Let’s look back on all those candied moments in Something in the Rain, which made Son Ye Jin the pretty noona that women wanted to trade place with, along with the reasons why Jung Hae In is the current poster boy for the K-drama boyfriend whom you want to be with in 2018.

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1. Noona Crush

Jun Hee (Jung Hae In) returns to Korea after working abroad in time when his noona crush broke up in a bad way, with a man who her mother favors a lot because of his family background. In all those times that she stupidly wallows and weeps in her failed relationship, he becomes her pillar by staying by her side. His subconscious reaction to shield her from pain spurs from a devotion he instinctively disregarded, due to him being almost her family because of affinity. But he bravely confronts his emotion when he received a signal from her that she has also begun seeing him as a man.

Jung Hae In & Son Ye Jin

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2. The man who sincerely loves

Handsome and with a decent job, ladies swarm to get Jun Hee’s attention. But of all the girls he could be with, he chooses to be with his sister’s best friend not minding if she is older, and not caring about her past.

He patiently understands his woman’s insecurities, and does not allow misunderstandings by being sensitive to her thoughts and her fears. He supports in her belated quest to stand up and celebrate his worth as a woman.

Jung Hae In

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3. The man you would keep

Jun Hee does not dwell over things that complicate his relationship. He does not over-analyze his emotions, and is firm to how he can’t be with any woman but Jin Ah. He chooses to accept the painful words of his girl’s mother, who disapproves their relationship. When Jin Ah vows that she only needs him to live, he returns it by making her his whole world.

Something in the Rain

4. The man who is proud of his girlfriend

Worried about meeting her boyfriend’s friendship circle because of her age, Jin Ah is doted dearly when Jun Hee brings her to meet his friends for an overnight vacation. Not only does he show that he loves her wholeheartedly, it is also a way for him to push her out of her comfort zone by making her an instant confidante of women younger than her, who have various woes about their future career goals.

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Something in the Rain

5. The man who understands what “us” means in a relationship

Being younger and practically doted on by his sister’s best friend, the transition to being Jin Ah’s lover is met with determination on Jun Hee’s end. He mans up to become a person who Jin Ah can rely on, and is unfazed of the frustrating moments that come in, because their relationship is bound to affect their close families. He understands being in a relationship also means facing the ups and downs together.

Jung Hae In & Son Ye Jin

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6. The Man Who Let Go Because Of Love

Eventually the strain on their relationship culminates to a point when they have to let go of each other half-heartedly. Each puts a blind faith on the separation, which is the best decision they have to do at the moment. There are different ways to love. The most unselfish way will be to respect your lover’s decision to get off from an emotionally draining relationship.

Something in the Rain

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7. The man who braves another chance to be with the woman he loves

True love has a way of proving that a relationship that did not work before may still work at the right time. After the separation, the two meet again, realizing the choice they made to break up only result both of them being miserable. Resigned to live off-grid in an island, Jun Hee realizes that he can only love one woman in his lifetime after a heartbreaking confrontation with Jin Ah. He goes to where his heart only beats for, and Jin Ah submits herself to the arms that she dearly misses.

Something in the Rain

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What other moments in Something in the Rain made you fall in fictional love with Jung Hae In?

Something in the Rain is available on Netflix.


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