AKMU Signs Anew With YG Entertainment

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Fans are surely excited to see more of AKMU in the coming years!

Multi-talented duo AKMU will continue to promote under the banner of their long-time agency YG Entertainment.

Delighting fans with their unique and captivating music since 2014, siblings Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun definitely marked their name as one of the most-sought after duos in the Korean music scene.

On January 26, YG Entertainment announced that AKMU has renewed their contract with a term of five years. The two officially debuted under the company in 2014 after winning the K-pop Star Season 2 in 2012.

“Honestly, it is hard to find a company that thinks of artists first as much as YG. For seven years, it has been a company that has reliably supported us in the direction we want to go without any small friction or disagreement, and has led us well,” Lee Chanhyuk said. Meanwhile, Lee Suhyun also revealed that they did not even consider leaving the company.

Grateful to hear the renewal, YG Entertainment said, “Although AKMU are still young, they are deeply thoughtful and very mature. It is true that all our executives and employees were greatly moved by the news of their long-term renewal. As we move forward, we will continue to provide support to them and help them grow well further as artists.”

Source: OSEN

Photo Credits: YG Entertainment