BTS’ Two Albums Chart In Billboard 200 + Unwavering 121 Consecutive Weeks At Social 50 Chart

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BTS maintains their dominance as they continue to rank high in Billboard Charts!

Proving their worth as chart kings, BTS has two albums Map Of The Soul: Persona and Love Yourself: Answer charting at Billboard 200 once again.

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BTS Billboard Chart

What’s impressive is that Map Of The Soul: Persona was released seven months ago and Love Yourself: Answer was released a year ago, but both the albums maintained their longevity at the charts.

It is amazing to see that even there has not been any promotional activities by the group, they still persistently oppress the charts.

According to the latest chart released by Billboard on November 5, Map Of The Soul: Persona which was released earlier this year on April 12 ranked 149th on the Billboard 200 Chart.

The album had charted for 22 consecutive weeks and re-entered the chart again last week at 200. Meanwhile, Love Yourself: Answer which was released last year on August 2018 ranked 165th at the chart.

Additionally, Map Of The Soul: Persona is reigning supreme in other charts as well. The album is placed 2nd in the World Albums Chart, 19th in the Independent Albums Chart, 50th in the Top Current Album and 58th in the Top Album Sales.

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The group also has an impressive record of ranking 1st at the Social 50 Chart for 121 consecutive weeks – maintaining the longest consecutive streak. Overall, the group has ranked 1st for 151 weeks in the Social 50 Chart. They are also placed 9th in the Artist 100 Chart.

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Image Credit: BigHit Entertainment