Chungha Unveils Timetable For Grand “Querencia” Comeback

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Are you ready for Chungha’s nearing first full album release?

K-pop female soloist Chungha continues to hype up fans for her highly-awaited grand comeback with her first full album QUERENCIA.

Just recently, the beautiful and multi-talented idol unveiled an exciting timetable ahead of her upcoming return. Titled QUERENCIA, her first full album will be officially released online on February 15 at 6 PM KST.

Exciting Scheduler

Giving a sneak peek to what’s in store in the coming days, the poster revealed the teasers that are lined up for release. For this week, Chungha will drop photo teasers and concept clips starting January 26 to 29. Soon after, she will also share audio snippets of her side tracks including “NOBLE”, “SAVAGE”, “UNKNOWN”, and “PLEASURES” from February 2 to 5.

To further heighten fans’ anticipation, the soloist will also give two music video teasers on February 8 and 10.

Last week, Chungha delighted fans by dropping her third pre-release track titled “X”. Previously, she released the first two songs such as “Stay Tonight” and “PLAY”.

Originally,  the idol was scheduled to return sooner but her activities were halted after she had been diagnosed for COVID-19.

Source and Photo Credits: MNH Entertainment