Hoya Personally Announces Military Enlistment In Two Days By Penning A Letter To Fans

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Hoya took us all by surprise as he alerts of his upcoming temporary goodbye we all aren’t prepared for.

Hoya personally made the announcement on February 5 about his looming military enlistment in two days.

Photo from Sports Seoul

The singer shook his HOLYs – Hoya’s fandom name – by making an abrupt announcement on his official fan cafe. Through a heartfelt handwritten letter he penned himself, he personally revealed that he will be enlisting on February 7, right after the Lunar New Year holiday and two days after his post.

In his letter, Hoya addressed the Lunar New Year and asked his fans if they are having a good holiday so far. He then started to break the news by taking the sentimental track and recounting great memories with his fans.

“It’s been nine years since I debuted. Time flies, doesn’t it? I think my 20s was so full of fans’ love that I couldn’t explain this without them,” he said.

Photo from Xportsnews

“I was truly happy because of HOLY. Thank you for giving me memories that I’ll never forget for a long time,” the singer added as his prelude to the announcement.

“Actually, I am writing this letter to tell you some sudden news today – I’m going to join the army after this holiday. Sorry for the sudden short notice, but as a citizen, I must fulfill my duties,” Hoya said, finally breaking the news about his enlistment on the seventh.

“I hope you all will be happy while waiting for me and I’ll be sure to return healthy. When I meet you again later, I’ll greet you in a better way. Thank you always, and I love you,” he concluded.

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