Kang Daniel Paints Colorful Teaser For Upcoming Solo Debut

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Kang Daniel prepares to splash color into his fans’ worlds through his solo debut with a new teaser!

Kang Daniel has just dropped another colorful teaser for his nearing solo debut!

Photo from LAP Korea

On July 15 midnight KST, his agency KONNECT Entertainment updated fans with another teaser photo announcing a detail about the idol’s solo debut.

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Further raising anticipation for Daniel’s much-awaited return, the agency dropped the title “Color on Me” in a photo that bears the colors purple and pink. These are the same colors featured in his previous teaser image, which had his name “Daniel K” written delicately.

Photo from KONNECT Entertainment

The former Wanna One member is set to make his solo debut on July 25, as recently revealed by his agency.

Showing fans’ intense anticipation for Daniel’s return, his official website crashed upon the time set for his debut date announcement due to the huge traffic that it received. A website countdown was earlier launched on the midnight of July 11 as the starting hint to fans to prepare for something explosive, which proved to be difficult for the server thanks to the fans who dearly missed the nation’s center a lot.

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During his ambassador appointment ceremony in Busan, Daniel shared that he has already completed shooting his album jacket for his upcoming debut. Additionally, he has wrapped up filming for his debut music video, as well.

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