MONSTA X’s I.M Sweetly Serenades With Comforting Cover Of IU’s “Through The Night”

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MONSTA X’s I.M is coming to make everyone fall in love with his singing abilities too – and no one can stop him!

MONSTA X’s I.M made fans’ hearts flutter by sharing his rendition of IU’s “Through the Night” on July 14!

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The MONSTA X rapper showed off his vocal prowess with a cover that warmed so many Monbebes’ hearts upon its surprise release!

Straying from his usual hard-hitting, swag-filled, fiery rap verses that he performs on stage, I.M brought fans to wonderland as he confidently brought out his singing voice. Choosing a song that would provide comfort to Monbebes, I.M sweetly serenaded with a cover of IU’s soft ballad “Through the Night”.

His deep voice flowed sweetly and smoothly like honey to bring a rich and emotion-filled version of “Through the Night”. In fact, our hearts raced so fast while listening to him sing the line “All the words in my heart, I can’t show them all to you/ But, it’s that I love you” in such a calming and comforting way.

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It is definitely perfect for long, rainy nights thanks to its lullaby-like softness. I.M’s hushed voice also brought out the song’s vulnerability and the bittersweet emotions its lyrics portray.

Most especially, we – and Monbebes too – are surely glad to hear the rapper push himself further out of his comfort zone with this cover, especially after he made so many fans amazed with his showcase of talents in his latest mixtape track “Horizon”.

Watch MONSTA X’s I.M’s cover of IU’s “Through the Night” below:

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