Kang Daniel Sets To Light Up July With Solo Debut Date Announcement

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Kang Daniel is back and he is ready to burn it up!

Kang Daniel confirmed that he will be making his solo debut this month through his agency KONNECT Entertainment on June 27.

The former Wanna One member marks the end of his fans’ long wait with his agency’s latest announcement about his upcoming debut.

“Kang Daniel recently completed recording for his mini album, and his solo debut date has been set at the end of July,” KONNECT Entertainment stated, delighting fans all around the world.

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The agency also revealed that Kang Daniel’s upcoming solo debut track was produced by Devine Channel CEO and producer Kei Lim. The producing team has previously created hit songs for artists such as BTS, EXO, and TWICE.

Devine Channel is also said to have collaborated with Geoffro Cause’s world-famous producing team for the mini album. Another huge name in the music industry, Geoffro Cause is a world famous composer known for working on popular hits for internationally-acclaimed artists like Beyonce and Ed Sheeran.

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According to KONNECT Entertainment, Daniel will finalize his debut album’s title song. Additionally, he will also wrap up preparations for the choreography and promotion content.

On June 23, the former Wanna One member highlighted his joy while working on his much-anticipated solo debut in the recent photos he shared to fans through his Instagram account. Holding up a sign saying “end” while in a recording studio for one photo, Daniel showed himself in the middle of preparations for his return to the music scene after Wanna One.