Kang Daniel Thanks Fans For Support After Court Sides With Him Against LM Entertainment

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Kang Daniel is finally free from his contract with LM Entertainment!

After such a long wait, Kang Daniel greets fans with a joyful announcement of the cancellation of his contract with LM Entertainment!

Photo from Yonhap News

With the court’s verdict regarding the case he filed against his now-former agency for breach of contract finally declared to be in his favor, the multi-talented idol is now officially free to pursue his own individual entertainment activities.

Kang Daniel and his agency LM Entertainment faced off in their first court battle over the controversial disputes hounding the former Wanna One member’s contract on April 24. During the hearing, it was revealed that Gil Jong Hwa, the CEO of LM Entertainment, has handed over a third-party contract to MMO Entertainment. In return, he received ten times of the contract deposit, which is equivalent to fifty million Korean won.

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Due to this obvious violation, the court decided to ultimately suspend the idol’s exclusive contract with the agency. This information was revealed to the public on May 10, delighting fans who continuously cheered on the idol through the hashtag #StandByDaniel on social media as they waited for the court ruling.

Daniel’s letter

Following the good news, Daniel personally expressed his joy through a post on his official Instagram account. As seen on the photo of a handwritten letter he personally wrote, the former Wanna One member thanked his fans for their avid support.


He also mentioned how grateful he was for their patience, having waited for more than three months for his issue with his former agency to wrap up. Due to the dispute with LM Entertainment, Daniel was unable to reach out to his fans on any channels and his activities were also withheld.

“In such a long period of silence, I was reading the messages of support from you all one by one. I was really touched and I also cried. I’m truly grateful for the warmth and trust from all of you, which enabled me to make it through every day,” he wrote.

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“I could have made compromises – it would’ve been easier and faster, but I wanted to show everyone to go the right way even if it meant things would go slowly,” the idol added, warming fans’ hearts for his unwavering sense of justice and determination.

Now that he is free to resume his activities, he also promised all his fans that he will repay their never-ending love with good music.