Kang Daniel Wins Again As Court Denies LM Entertainment’s Appeal Regarding Contract Termination

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Kang Daniel is and will forever be free from his former agency henceforth.

The Seoul Central District Court announced on July 11 its decision to deny LM Entertainment’s appeal regarding the nullification of Kang Daniel’s contract.

Photo from Yonhap News

All ties are officially severed between the two parties as the court sides with the idol once more regarding his contract termination.

Deeming it as invalid due to the violations LM Entertainment committed, the court reiterated the decision it made earlier on May 10 to terminate the idol’s entire exclusive contract with his former agency as final and binding.

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Daniel’s legal representative from the Yuchon Law Firm happily broke the good news to fans through an official statement.

“Hello, this is Yeom Yong Pyo of Yulchon LLC, who is legally representing singer Kang Daniel. The 51st Civil Affairs Division of the Seoul Central District Court decided today, July 11, to not accept the application for the injunction appeal filed by LM Entertainment on May 13 and to approve the original decision made on May 10 on the injunction for the suspension of his exclusive contract,” the statement relayed to fans.

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This good news is just in time for Daniel’s upcoming debut scheduled in late July. He recently opened a website that displayed a mysterious countdown timer leading to the midnight of July 12, and fans are already looking forward to what the idol has in store.