Kim Jung Hwa’s photoshoot with Sure magazine

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Actress Kim Jung Hwa‘s Christmas gift-like pictorials were revealed.

Kim Jung Hwa recently worked with the fashion magazine Sure to create doll-like appearance and confidently portrayed her charms through the pictorials. In the pictorials revealed, Kim Jung Hwa is putting forth an elegant and antique appearances. Especially as she was chosen as one of the ambassadors for KFHI and published an essay recently, she has been continuing to share her warm heart.

In the interview with the photoshoot, Kim Jung Hwa said, “I am learning and earning a big gift through the gift of sharing with others. I am so touched and it’s a very great gift that someone like I can receive.”

Those who came across these pictorials said, “Her face and heart are both beautiful”, “Kim Junghwa is the photoshoot doll”, “I feel like we’re getting a gift through Kim Junghwa as well.”

Source: news and photo-The Star

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