Leading K-pop Boy Groups In September Brand Rankings: BTS, Stray Kids, NCT, & More

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This month’s brand reputation rankings among K-Pop boy groups have finally been revealed!

Based on the latest data released by the Korean Business Research Institute, BTS, Stray Kids, and NCT are hailed as the top three leading K-pop boy groups this September.

The rankings were particularly based on consumer participation, media, communication, and community indices. Particularly, the institute extracted a total of 45,813,099 from numerous boy groups from August 11 to September 11.

#1 BTS

BTS remains unstoppable on top of the rankings for the 40th consecutive month now. The boys were able to obtain a massive brand reputation index of 7,630,367.

Some of the K-pop septet’s high-ranking phrases included “Billboard.” “China,” and “fan club.” The words “halt,” “achieve,” and “recapture” were also present as their significant related terms.

#2 Stray Kids

Rising to the second spot is JYP Entertainment’s well-loved boy group, Stray Kids. With the impressive 105.95 percent increase in their score from last August, the group was able to garner a brand reputation index of 2,446,281. Remarkably, this is the first time for them to obtain second place since debuting in 2018.

#3 NCT

Following closely is the multi-faceted boy group from SM Entertainment, NCT, with a brand reputation index of 2,355,419.

THE BOYZ and SEVENTEEN completed the top five as they ranked fourth and fifth on this month’s list. THE BOYZ acquired a 2,271,646 brand reputation index while SEVENTEEN scored 2,265,192.

Check out other K-pop boy groups who entered the Top 30:


#7 EXO

#8 Super Junior

#9 SHINee


#11 2PM

#12 TXT








#20 SF9

#21 VIXX

#22 ONF

#23 NU’EST

#24 Golden Child



#27 B1A4

#28 Block B


#30 GOT7

Source: Business Korea

Photo Credits: BIGHIT MUSIC | JYP Entertainment | SM Entertainment

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