Swing Entertainment Shares Update On Health Condition Of X1’s Kim Yo Han

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ONE ITs are surely praying for the fast recovery of X1’s Kim Yo Han.

Produce X 101’s debut group X1 has recently marked their official entry in the K-Pop scene. Releasing their first-ever music video for title track “FLASH” and successfully gifting fans with their first show-con in Gocheok Sky Dome last August 27, the group is definitely making their debut a sizzling topic in the K-Pop world.

However, in the early morning of August 29, many articles circulated online regarding the injury of the group’s center Kim Yo Han.

According to reports, Kim Yo Han had been injured during the pre-recording of their debut stage on Mnet’s M Countdown.

Swing Entertainment, the agency of X1, then updated fans by sharing, “Kim Yo Han sprained his ankle while doing choreography and received emergency treatment. He was determined to stand on stage to greet the fans who had waited for him, so he returned to set to finish recording. Afterward, he will continue to get treatment for his injury at the hospital.”

After successfully performing in their first music show stage, the agency said that he was able to receive a more detailed examination at the hospital the day after.

“The results of the exam showed that he had ligament damage and that the injured area required to rest for six weeks,” a representative from the agency revealed.

Though Kim Ho Yan has expressed a strong desire to perform on stage, the agency shared that the doctors informed that performing as normal would put a strain on the injured area.

After taking Kim Yo Han’s health condition and X1’s promotions into consideration, and after discussing it with the members, they said that they have decided to pursue promotions with complete members, but Kim Yo Han will perform while sitting on a chair.

“We sincerely thank the fans who have expressed their concern about Kim Yo Han’s injury and we will do our best so that he can focus on his recovery and get well as soon as possible. Please continue to support Kim Yo Han and X1. Thank you,” the agency added.

Meanwhile, Kim Yo Han and the rest of his X1 members recently showed off an amazing start as their debut album Quantum Leap made an impressive record in Hanteo Chart.

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Source: Newsen | Swing Entertainment

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