K-Drama Review: “Psychopath Diary” Unfolds A Thrilling & Comic Tale Of An Amnesiac Suffering Identity Crisis

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Ingeniously conceived, Psychopath Diary blended thrill and comic notes to propel its story

Narrating the story of a man in a painful dilemma caused by amnesia induced confused identity triggers the inviting premise of Psychopath Diary.

Title: Psychopath Diary
Network: tvN
Theme: Thriller, Comedy
Length: 16 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 20 Nov 2019 – 09 Jan 2020
Main Leads: Yoon Shi Yoon, Jung In Sun
Highlights: Enthralling screenplay, Superb Portrayal, Unique Plot
Overall Rating:
Rewatch Value:

Bringing a one-of-a-kind hero is Yoon Shi Yoon, who plays the role of Yook Dong Shik.  Accompanying him as female lead is police officer Sim Bo Kyung (Jung In Sun), who gets an entangled relationship with Dong Shik.

Making the drama more thrilling, Park Sung Hoon joins the cast as Seo In Woo, the director of the company where Dong Shik works.

Quick Plot Roundup

Yook Dong Shik is a timid and a pushover office worker. His friend and co-workers look down on him as he is an easy prey to boss around. Failing to commit suicide after being the scapegoat of his team in an office fiasco, he accidentally witnesses a gruesome murder nearby his workplace.

Right after fleeing the murder scene, Dong Shik suddenly gets hit by a car. When he wakes up, he does not have any recollection of everything including his identity. Diagnosed with amnesia, with a cryptic murderer’s diary in his hand, he begins to think that he might be a serial killer.


Enthralling & Lively Screenplay

Filled with suspenseful and funny scenes, Psychopath Diary engaged the viewers with interesting diversions. Just when the scene becomes too heart-stopping, its hero plummets with his funny act. Thus, making the viewers having mixed emotions in the specific scene.

This may have been caused by the clash in Dong Shik’s psyche from being a total pushover and defaulting the mentality of a psychopath.

The thing that delivered such color to the drama was the inner conflict between Dong-shik’s firm conviction on owning his evil tendencies; and his all-out insufficiency to do anything other than blunder around.

Superb Character Showdowns

Yoon Shi Yoon needed to consistently go from apprehensively thrilled, to quiet and cold. His good chemistry with the entire cast made the drama even more interesting.

Notably, as the show progressed, he slipped into character better and became a real treat to watch. As the great acting of all the main and supporting characters is evident throughout the series, the wide range of characters draws connection to the audience.

The interaction of the real psycho and fake psycho pushed hilarious moments for the viewers. His innocence somewhat hindered him from recognizing that he is in fact facing the real psychopath. Fully unaware, he was not even scared a bit which made him really vulnerable and at the same time adorable.

Threading the mystery of human mind

Psychopath Diary encompassed how human mind works. Dong Shik’s distorted memory because of his amnesia prompted him to think that he is the true murderer. He had his own battles within his mind. Adding up to the uncertainty of his true colors, the people surrounding him and the diary itself tells otherwise.

Being fan of thriller shows, he refuted what his subconscious mind told him – that he was not what he thinks he was. Nothing was changing for this poor boy, except his own perceptions.

The identity crisis within himself was simultaneously hilarious and compelling; wherein just split second of the shivering scene can turn into a comedic scene and vice-versa. But despite the twists and turns, in the end, he found his true self and eventually the truth unfolds.

Recommendation & Afterthoughts

Psychopath Diary is a well-rounded drama that offered a lot in the progress of the whole story. Incited with such humor, the main actors as well as, the supporting characters had presented significant contributions in making the drama unique.

It is a genre mash-up of humor with action, but evaded the typical boring make of its prototype. It may be viewed as the usual narrative of an amnesiac who suffered an identity crisis. But its implied meaning is how he changed for the better after realizing his life in different perspective.

It helped how the whole story was told in such amusing and clever way. One cannot help but to get hooked with it as every episode shot various flair. However, its predictability often affected the flow of the story. Inevitably, overshadowing the excellent depictions of the interestingly drawn characters.

Deserving of applause, Yoon Shi Yoon suited up to the role of the focal character efficiently.

Also, Park Sung Hoon really did well as the antagonist. His potency as the villain was highlighted in comical way. His interactions with the hero were also golden.

Remarkably, Psychopath Diary treated the audiences with such refreshing characters in spite of its dark nature.

Its unique blend of genre wrapped the whole drama to an exquisite package as you get riled up with the conflict and comforted with its humor.

Fans can watch it on Viu.

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