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Jessica And Krystal Jung Prepare For Second Reality Show Together

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It’s official: shining K-stars sisters Jessica and Krystal Jung are getting ready to share the screen once more.

This year, Jessica and Krystal Jung are gearing up to take over everyone’s screens! Reports have confirmed that the Jung siblings are working on another reality show, this time exploring their lives in the past five years and their plans for the future.

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Jessica herself confirmed the news at an event at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. When asked about her plans for the future, Jessica revealed that she is set to fly out to the United States to shoot a reality show with Krystal. Though she did not give away details, she asked the public to look forward to their upcoming show.

The singer has previously hinted at her desire to star in a reality show with her sister. In an interview with MyDaily, Jessica expressed her desire to do more work with Krystal. “We talked about doing more work together in 2019,” noting “That is our goal.”

Prior to this upcoming reality show, Jessica and Krystal had hosted a reality show in 2014. Aptly titled Jessica & Krystal, their show explored their relationship as sisters and friends, and was aired on OnStyle.

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