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K-Drama Mid-Series Check: Park Seo Joon & Park Min Young Finally Kiss In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”

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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is not the most neatly written rom-com, but on the moments that matter, it definitely delivers.

Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young power the addictive magic of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim by keeping it high on the love notes in throwing sweet captured frames each week.

Although it has visible gaps in terms of linking the male leads unresolved angst toward each other, it is doing an amazing job in highlighting the love progression between the boss who has finally acknowledged his fondness towards his secretary, and the latter who is also beginning to realize her growing mutual feelings with him.

PD Park is doing an amazing job capturing Park couple’s beautiful faces along with their pivotal character changes in the story by throwing those captured close-up frames. His attention to referencing iconic film scenes in a funny note hopefully won’t run off in the remaining episodes along with how he pictures Park Seo Joon’s adorably amusing character quirks.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Recaps

Episodes 1&2, 3&4, 5&6

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?


Now here are the 5 highlights in this week’s episodes 7 and 8.

1. “Go profess your feelings to her now!”

Young Joon reveals the reason he chose Mi So among the more competent applicants is because he needs someone who will stay by his side amidst the strenuous works in a foreign country. He adds how her credentials then would surely not make her leave him or be scouted by another company.

Mi So agrees to meet with Sung Yeon to go to a redevelopment site in an effort to regain his lost memories. Director Park rescues his best friend by accompanying him to work out so he can free his bottled jealousy. The former is done with his friend’s indecisiveness and burst with a pep talk to end the mutual flirt he is having with his secretary with a sincere confession.

What's Wrong With Secretary KimWhat's Wrong With Secretary Kim

2. “I don’t want to start a relationship that way.”

Mi So shares her childhood journal to help Sung Yeon finds back his memories. Bugged on Mi So meeting his brother, Young Joon already waits outside to get his secretary back, with an excuse of an urgent meeting they have to go. He reveals his urgent need is to eat ramyun and rants about how they have been flirting with each other.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Desperate to pursue Mi So, he makes an outburst of his intention to marry her for real and not because he wants her to stay as her secretary. But she refuses to acknowledge his love declaration citing how jealousy and not sincerity drove him to profess his feelings.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

3. “Stay there, if not now, when can you use a pricey umbrella. This is a limited edition blazer.”

Young Joon’s staff members head off to their team-building activity armed with lots of food and alcohol. Picturing an energizing overnight trip where they can all be lazy along with eating and drinking to exhaustion, reality hits them back when their boss joins the event unannounced. He cites his driver as an excuse, but we all know that he just wants to be with his secretary.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

They go to the boring meeting of presenting their visions for the group and heads to a ribbon hunt in the nearby mountain, which excites Young Joon with the thought of being alone together with Mi So. A sudden call from Sung Yeon turns the mood sour when Young Joon grabs her phone to dismiss his brother’s call. Upset on his behavior, she walks away just as the rain falls. And we got the two replicating an iconic scene from romance film The Classic completed with the original soundtrack – but all these with yet another Young Joon’s bragging moment swag.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim


4. “I am confident to bear everything for you.”

They take a shelter a la “Once in a Summer” movie, when Mi So suddenly sees a spider and gets scared of it. Young Joon calms her down with a candy, which triggers her past memory of the young boy she was with when she was kidnapped.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

They walk on a bridge and he talks about letting go of his painful memories. But she explains how all her life she has lived for other people so that one moment of someone showing kindness to her is something that she can just disregard. Young Joon accepts her reasons and vows to understand everything about her.

5. “I like you.”

Young Joon leaves early the next day and advises her to hang out with him at night where he will prepare a barbecue feast. Sadly though, grilling meat is a skill he does not possess so they end up ordering pizza for dinner. Their cozy evening is disrupted just when they are on a trance moment about to “hopefully” kiss, because Director Park appears loudly with a bottle of wine to drink. Mi So hurries to leave as the intruder begs to forgive for interrupting the magical moment.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

It’s D-Day of the gallery launch and everything has been arranged seamlessly. Young Joon spots Mi So briefing Sung Yeon for his book concert event leaving the hero on a sullen mood. When Morpheus hints of his affection to Mi So, Young Joon leaves the hall so she rushes to follow him. She tells him how she does not want him to misunderstood her and finally says that she likes him.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Young Joon moves to scoop in a kiss, but halts when his trauma vision kicks in. Mi So takes charge and plants a kiss full of love on his lips. When they momentarily part, he closes the distance again to give his sweetest kiss.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Finally! The aftermath of this week’s much-awaited kiss for the lead couple would yield a sure can’t-wait-for-next-episode moments for the viewers.

The new couple are expected to delight rom-com cravers with how they will work further on their office relationship as they begin to officially date.

While the supporting cast are being injected every now and then with hilarious moments, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim honestly suffers on inadvertently under-utilizing its other characters because the focus on the love story supersedes the side stories. When you look back on the episodes, you would vaguely remember the scenes relating to the secondary cast members. Even Lee Tae Hwan’s role is bland. Nevertheless, the strong romantic comedy vibe overshadows it, hence at the audience’ standpoint, the heart-flutters mark more than those minimal cliches and lapses.

Ready your romance purse as we hit the second half of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.

Catch it on tvN and tvN Asia.


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