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K-Drama Premiere: “Grand Prince” Brandishes Majestic Opening Week

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Grand Prince announced its presence through an engaging symphony of love and drama, involving a woman caught in between the affection of two Joseon princes.

On its first week alone, Grand Prince washed out the piled up disappointments that I got from the first quarter of 2018 K-dramas.

The grandiose design, powered by indelible portrayals of the actors, made up the familiar contours of classic historical masterpiece which we have loved in the past, visibly evident in this new spectacle.

Grand Prince

That poignant reunion scene for the main love couple in the first episode was nailed to perfection by Yoon Shi Yoon in the most stunningly emotional way.

Commencing to a flamboyant approach, the writer’s contagious imagination easily gravitates the viewers to sympathize on the sentiments of the lead characters.

Grand Prince threw in an interesting bait of beautiful narrative sequences, by tracing the back stories to support the reunion of the main love couple. The future episodes would uncover the events of why the hero was separated from his lady love. It looks like the hype for this historical drama is worthwhile at this moment.

Grand Prince

Pilot Week Recap

On the day Prince Eun Sung/Lee Hwi (Yoon Shi Yoon) returned to the palace after presumed being dead, the reigning monarch passed away and he gets his dying wish, appointing the Queen Mother as the regent until the young Crown Prince comes to the maturity age. Together with his older brother Prince Kang (Joo Sang Wook), they are tasked to vouch their allegiance to their nephew.

With the King’s passing, the grand princes are required for the mandatory grieving session. But when Prince Hwi learns that Lady Jahyeon (Jin Se Yun) has been betrothed to another man (as he was assumed dead), he rushes to see her in a tearful reunion.

Grand Prince

Flashback to when the princes are little boys: Lee Kang, the second son of the King and Queen who lives outside the palace forces his way in to meet his parents.

The guards won’t let him in, but his younger brother Lee Hwi comes to his aid and brings him over to the Queen mother.

Living away from his family, Prince Kang grew up full of spite and bitterness. Prince Kang’s growing jealousy towards his younger brother who lives with their parents in the palace aggravates more when Prince Hwi’s court lady-playmate refuses to join his palace.

Out of anger, he pushes Prince Hwi’s playmate to death. Their uncle who dotes on Prince Kang warns Prince Hwi not to tell their parents about what has happened. To save his eunuch who witnessed the event, he remains silent on the incident.

Grand Prince

A few years later, the young princes are grown man being prepped up for the marriage plans set by the royal family.

Prince Hwi who is inclined to arts and poetry rescues a maiden whom he meets at a paint store. The merchant pushes an impossible amount for a bottle of rare color, which gets spilled when he and the young lady play tug on it.

The young woman, Lady Jahyeon, gripes at how Prince Hwi carelessly grabbed her skirt without apologizing, but the prince ignores him.

The two who share painting passion meets again when Lady Jahyeon sneaks in to watch a gyeokgu (polo) game, but was caught by her brother in the audience. He accidentally enters Prince Hwi’s dressing room, and gets caught hiding behind the curtain.

Grand Prince

Pilot Week Verdict

I love how everything pictured in Grand Prince‘ premiere week was supported with stellar portrayals and tautly executed script. We get a clear picture of the conflicts to be tackled and the love tales to anticipate.

Set in Joseon dynasty, with the Royal Family limned to wheel up the story, the production team did a great job of casting the right actors for their respective roles. The character sketches have been established well up to this moment that viewers would surely look forward to how the intrigues, conspiracies, and altercations spice up the storytelling.

Grand Prince airs via TV Chosun on every Saturday and Sunday.

Watch out for our recap each week!

Source & photos: imbc, tv chosun

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