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K-Drama Premiere: “Temperature Of Love” Heats Up Kisses, Fated Encounter And Meeting Your First Love Years After

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Temperature of Love Brews A Romantic Trance That Resurrects Dying Love Cells In Your Body, If You Have Any

Temperature of Love

If the introductory chapters of Temperature of Love sum up what is to be expected in this new rom-com, then yes SBS, we forgive you for saturating us with legal dramas this year. *chuckles

It seems like Seo Hyun Jin is all in business to collect beautiful love stories under her belt. Her new drama conquest with dashing Yang Se Jong brims with heart-fluttering-sometimes-mushy scenes that viewers might cringe on, while subconsciously smiling at the same time. We get a hint of right-love-wrong-time storyline and a flashback of the couple’s relationship history that would progress in the upcoming episodes.

Temperature of Love

Lee Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) quits her job in a big company to pursue her writer dreams, and has worked as an assistant to a lead writer. Through her friend Ji Hong Ah (Jo Bo Ah), she meets On Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong), who is an assistant chef in a famous restaurant. They are all members of a running club. When they join a running session, Hyun Soo gets lost in the maze-like Bukchon Hanok village, but is later found by Jung Sun.

The rainy night, the mood and the pretty girl beside him push the hero to ask the girl whom he just met to date her, but the latter politely declines the dating offer she received from a man six years younger than her.

But then, Hyun Soo fails a writing break so she ends up getting drunk.  The stranger, who asked her to be his girlfriend after five hours of meeting, is there by her side. Soon enough the two disregard the age, the length time they have and their varying uncertainties by sharing a kiss to mark their new beginning. When they both face disheartening life problems, she only knows that she needs to be with him to feel safe, as he runs to be with her so he will feel better.

Temperature of Love

Temperature of Love runs heartfelt lyrical conversations between the characters, while sharing the story that it is tracking on.  It reminds me of the film Before Sunrise given the yearning of how the main leads found each other spontaneously entangled in a web of love that they did not foresee.

Yes! It’s a definite must-watch love drama for me without blind faith or my preconceived fan status with Seo Hyun Jin. *wink

Make sure you mark your calendar well!

Temperature of Love rises at SBS on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10PM KST.

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