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K-Drama Moment: ‘My Secret Romance’ – “I Treasured Memories Of What Happened That Night Kiss”

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Rose petals and pink hearts are everywhere on ‘My Secret Romance’ as the adorable couple confronts their feelings about their one-night stand three years ago.

Followers of OCN’s ‘My Secret Romance’ are treated with the sweetest follow-up after a forced romance diet on last week’s preemption due to South Korea’s Snap Election.

my secret romancemy secret romance

‘My Secret Romance’ episode 8 picks up from the dreamy moment where the lead man Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) catches Yoo Mi (Song Ji Eun) as she falters her step after bumping on a wine cart. They are given a bottle of wine as an apology token and goes to a deja vu of their shared steamy moment three years ago, while sitting outside the hotel on a bench.  Jin Wook admits how he thinks of her often. Whenever he drinks wine, visits the resort, and finds a 500won coin. But Yoo Mi cuts his recollection on how she did not expect meeting him again.

my secret romance

She says yes when he asks if she does not like him, and rants how his calling of her as a raging bull and seeing her in an awkward state on a bathroom floor merits a not-so-pleasant impression of him.  She whines her disappointment about having their first time inside his car and stops when she realizes she should have not said that.  She affirms when Jin Wook asks her if she has regretted their one-night affair, but remains stoic and vague with her true emotions.

my secret romance

Wanting to settle their love score, suave Jin Wook orders Yoo Mi to accompany him in the hotel swimming pool in case he gets a leg cramp or heart attack. Yoo Mi covers her eyes while all the girls watching at home scream – when Jin Wook reveals his swimmer upper body. He feigns losing consciousness when she got mad being dragged in the waters. Yoo Mi panics as he performs a serious “rescue me” act. She jumps into the water and calls for help but Jin Wook secretly orders the hotel staff to leave. In her helpless situation, Yoo Mi mumbles how she does not regret the night they shared and how special it is to her. She blurts out how she knows he is keeping her bra pad, making the mischievous Jin Wook wakes up from his con play.

my secret romancemy secret romance

The future love birds sit by the pool as Yoo Mi reveals how she learned about her bra pad inside his jewelry box. She teases and calls him a pervert, which made him beam, complaining how instead of a shoe, she left a bra pad. It would be fitting to call her “paderella”.

my secret romancemy secret romance

He mutters how the undergarment pad reminds him of his treasured memories with her.  Yoo Mi inches closer to him and kisses him quick on his cheek. She thanks him for treasuring their moments together and obliges when he requests an encore peck to prove that she is really thankful.  *Pfftt boys

She motions to kiss his cheek again, but he turns his face to meet her lips, and kisses her with all the assurance and love he kept inside after all those years.

my secret romancemy secret romancemy secret romance

Yes, we all must have squealed on that sweet pool kiss scene! And also sure that the viewers of ‘My Secret Romance’ are envious of Song Ji Eun these days. Sung Hoon is sending love vibes effortlessly even without finger heart. That knee-weakening pool kiss frame would definitely make it to be one of the best K-drama kiss list this year.

You should know by now what you are missing if you have not caught up in this drama yet. Now is the perfect time to start watching it.

‘My Secret Romance’ airs on OCN, every Monday and Tuesday at 9PM.


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