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K-Drama Recap: “The Miracle We Met” Episodes 7&8

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The Miracle We Met shakes things up even more as it hits its fourth week!

Things get even more interesting as the fantasy melodrama brings more changes to the lives of Hyun Chul and his two families. With the active intervention of two really attractive divine beings and a lot of changes of the heart, the story continues to bring viewers to the edge of their seats and wanting for more.

Here’s a rundown of highlights from episodes 7 and 8:

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The Father and Son

Kang Ho goes missing again as he sneaks out with his friends to trace the path they took when they met Ato. Much to their shock, they find out that the church Ato pointed to them disappeared without a trace.

Hye Jin tells Hyun Chul that Kang Ho only started to act up after the old Hyun Chul expressed his disappointment at his son for not taking after him at all. She says he used to always look down on Kang Ho for not being good in school, which hurt him deeply. The new Hyun Chul promises to mend his relationship with Kang Ho once he returns. He calls Ji Soo and asks her to contact Kang Ho because they cannot reach his phone, to which she complies with.

Ji Soo calls Kang Ho and they start arguing again. She tells him that his dad is worried about him, which prompted him to contact her. Kang Ho decides to return home after Ji Soo tells him that he should be thankful that his dad is worried about him and is still alive.

miracle we met fourth week recap

When he got back home, Hye Jin started hitting him immediately, but Hyun Chul defends him. He reveals that he had cooked Kang Ho’s favourite meal, and joins his son as he eats up. Kang Ho compliments Hyun Chul’s cooking and they start having a typical father-and-son conversation. Hyun Chul asks Kang Ho if he could join him in his treasure hunting experience and Kang Ho confesses afterward that he had an incredible experience which he probably won’t believe. Hyun Chul, however, says that he would, because he believes in miracles.


Hye Jin confesses that she gets more and more confused every day regarding Hyun Chul. He asks her if she really wants to divorce him. She tells him that there’s nothing left to do except acknowledge that their relationship had fallen out and he’ll understand that once he gets his memories back.

She adds that he never really loved her, but a flashback of teenage Hyun Chul and Hye Jin plays out. It showed their sweet first meeting and implies that there seemed to be a time when he really, genuinely liked her.


miracle we met fourth week recap

Hye Jin admits that she has changed ever since Hyun Chul had started changing after his accident, too. She notes that she’s starting to speak her mind and be honest with how she feels more now. She tells him that he feels like someone else now, and he asks her if she would believe him if he says he’s not Song Hyun Chul. However, his daughter Mi Ho walks in on their conversation and interrupts him before he could start telling Hye Jin.


Detective Park had found the surveillance camera under his desk and he starts tracing where and whom did it come from. He checks the station’s CCTV and finds the journalist who placed the bug under his desk.

Kwak Hyo Joo gets a call from her still-unknown accomplice and receives information about Detective Park finding the surveillance camera. Hyun Chul appears after she finishes the call.

Hyo Joo is seen talking to the bank president and says she wanted to hand in her resignation letter. She promises to take whatever it was they had done to her grave. However, he tells her that he was going to promote her if she stays and keeps an eye on Hyun Chul. It is revealed that the both of them do not want Hyun Chul’s memories to come back because, before his accident, the bank president found out that Hyun Chul wasn’t on their side.

miracle we met fourth week recap

She asks him why he picked her out of all the people, and he says that it’s because she has no mercy and only chased after performance and success.

Rankings Going Down

Assistant Manager Yook meets with the upcoming HR head of the headquarters who tells him to get rid of Hyun Chul now. However, Manager Yook says Hyun Chul had changed a lot and has become a better person in terms of personality since his accident. The HR head informs him that if Hyun Chul gets fired, Assistant Manager Yook would take his place as the branch manager.

The company’s rankings continue to go down, this time plummeting to seventh place from their usual first in ranking. The employees start getting worried, especially after he tells them to approve a loan for the almost-bankrupt Sungjin Company because he felt bad for the owner after meeting up.

miracle we met fourth week recap

Hyun Chul goes on TV for an interview at the All About Economy show and blanks out when asked about online banking. Before the interview, he tells Ddak Pool that he only agreed to do the interview because he wanted people to see him as Hyun Chul again. Luckily, the original Song Hyun Chul’s brain starts taking over again and saves the interview.

However, people have started comparing Hyun Chul’s interview statements from before and after he came back to life. They notice the disparity in his views and calls him unreliable. This aftermath causes the company’s rankings to plummet even more.

The Date

Hye Jin, who continues to be doing a great job at work, takes the day off to go somewhere with Hyun Chul. She says that it will help him get his memory back. She takes him to walk down the path where they had their first date, although instead of remembering his first date with Hye Jin, he initially remembers that of his with Yeon Hwa instead.

Shortly after though, he gets memories of the first time the old Hyun Chul met Hye Jin when they passed by the record store, which shocks him. He takes her to a restaurant they went to before and Hye Jin seems to feel hopeful as he displays signs of retrieving his memories. While eating, they talk about the things that Hyun Chul had seemed to be recalling. However, he makes a mistake on one of the memories which upsets Hye Jin a bit.

miracle we met fourth week recap

Later on, Hye Jin tells him that she likes the way he is now better than before. They seemed to be “rekindling” their love as they cooked together and even had another heart-to-heart talk before they went to sleep. There, Hyun Chul asked if Hye Jin was his first love, to which Hye Jin replies with “Song Hyun Chul was Son Hye Jin’s first love, that’s all I know”.

Little Things

During her return visit to the bank, Yeon Hwa spots the potted plant her husband had in their restaurant at Hyun Chul’s office. She starts asking about Hyun Chul’s family life, reasoning out that since he knew so much about her family life, she must know about his. However, he wasn’t able to answer properly, which adds to Yeon Hwa’s suspicions.

He asks her if he can handle what he will tell her but she asks him not to say anything. She says that he’s not mentally stable because of his accident, and Hyun Chul asks how she found out since he never mentioned anything about it. She just shrugs off and tells him that it’s part of her job at the insurance company.

Yeon Hwa goes to the columbary to visit her deceased husband. She talks to him and tells him that she finds it ridiculous how she has so many theories on her mind. However, while watching Hyun Chul’s TV interview, Yeon Hwa catches him doing a quirk that her husband used to do. She puts the puzzle pieces together and remembers everything Hyun Chul said to her after he got out of the hospital.


miracle we met fourth week recap

She goes to the hospital and meets the person who worked at the morgue when Hyun Chul came back to life. However, he pushes her out and denies that Hyun Chul was even dead in the first place.

Almost Fired

Word goes around that Song Hyun Chul is no longer a competent leader. Reports leak out about Hyun Chul telling his employees to buy insurance plans from the competitor company, where Yeon Hwa works at. He calls for a brunch meeting with his employees and even cooks for them.

At the same time, the HR team had released a memo about branch reorganization. It is revealed that Hyun Chul is now awaiting reassignment, while Hyo Joo has become the branch sub-manager. He is visibly upset but encourages his employees to still eat the food he has cooked for them. The employees display sympathy for him, with one even defending his situation.

miracle we met fourth week recap

Hyun Chul marches to the bank president and asks for a one-month extension to prove himself, which he grants. Afterward, the bank president makes a phone call to someone and says “I think Hyun Chul got his memories back”.

The Denial

Ato and Mao talk about the same case as Hyun Chul which had happened 483 years ago. Ato narrates that the person was permitted to live in someone else’s body because of the mix-up caused by above, just like Hyun Chul. However, the man’s daughter became sick and he begged to exchange his life for his daughter. He says that the chief then was moved by this and that was the beginning of him granting miracles to humans.

Ato and Mao continue to intervene with the lives of those from Hyun Chul’s two families. After saving Hyun Chul’s father’s life and preventing Yeon Hwa and Hyun Chul’s mother from having a conversation, Ato saves Ji Soo from falling down the stairs. The family does not fail to keep notice of these little miracles in their lives.

miracle we met fourth week recap exo

On the other hand, Hyun Chul’s mom goes to Yeon Hwa’s office to ask her to eat together, and Yeon Hwa takes this as an opportunity to confirm Hyun Chul’s resurrection. She clears out that there’s a misunderstanding when Hyun Chul’s mother implies that Hyun Chul and her have an affair.

Yeon Hwa drops the bomb on Hyun Chul’s mom by telling her that she thinks her husband died in place of Hyun Chul and leaves right away.

With the intervention of Ato and Mao, Yeon Hwa and Hyun Chul meet. In tears, Yeon Hwa says “Honey… it’s you, isn’t it?” but Hyun Chul, despite his shock, immediately denies it and tells her that he is not her husband.

miracle we met fourth week recap

Why did Hyun Chul deny the truth to Yeon Hwa? Is he falling for Hye Jin? Can Ato and Mao bring things to the way they were before? Find out more in the next episodes of The Miracle We Met!


The Miracle We Met airs on KBS every Monday and Tuesday.

All photos are screengrabs from KBS2 TV.

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