TWOTUCKGOM Pairs Up MONSTA X’s Minhyuk With Equally Lovely Puppies In Teaser Video For Upcoming Web Show

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MONSTA X’s Minhyuk delivers another treat for the day as he exhibits exquisiteness on the fourth teaser video for their upcoming web show!

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk dazzles with his sweet and lovely image while playing with puppies in the fourth teaser for the upcoming web show unveiled on June 28.

Screengrabs from TWOTUCKGOM

The MONSTA X vocalist is the up next to parade his loveliness in the latest sneak peek.

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Titled MONSTA X’s Puppy Day, the show is made possible by the group’s recent collaboration with N.C. SOFT. From the partnership, the boys get their very own character brand named TWOTUCKGOM.

Set to begin airing on July 8 at 7PM KST, the show will be unleashed on TWOTUCKGOM’s YouTube channel. Additionally, the show will provide English and Chinese subtitles for international fans.

Screengrabs from TWOTUCKGOM

In the one-minute teaser video, Minhyuk competed with the puppies in being named as the loveliest and most adorable creature on Earth.

Dressed in pink overalls that serve as the group’s uniform for the show, the singer completely owned the color along with the show’s concept thanks to his natural charms.

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Bringing an explosion of cuteness, he also adorably takes the puppies in his arms to capture selfies together. Moreover, Minhyuk added delight every time he mingled sweetly with the puppies, and cutely cooed them in the teaser video.

With the collaboration creating seven bear characters representing the unique charms of each member, Minhyuk will also be presenting the beauty care and drawing enthusiast who loves good scents, Minggom!

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