10 Less Hyped 2020 Korean Dramas That Definitely Deserve Two Thumbs Up

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With all the hype surrounding most of K-dramas that aired this year, there are still a lot of shows that needs recognition too.

2020 is extremely hard for everyone, and because of the current situation, most of us stayed at home nearly all day. We tend to keep ourselves entertained with Korean dramas that what we think are worth our time. Searching for some good shows will lead us to the series our favorite actors starred in, if not, probably the most hyped.

However, on the contrary, there are K-dramas that shy away from extreme publicity, but are still worth seeing, and deserve just as much love of those popular.

That’s why, we’ve rounded up a list featuring the less-hyped K-dramas in 2020 for you. Are you ready for another sleepless nights?


More Than Friends

Centered in the story of a woman’s unrequited love for 10 years, More Than Friends pictured characters we know and might be who we’ve been when we fell in love at some point in our lives.

It’s interesting to note that this is that one drama with such harrowing problems, yet there is not even one single villain present in the story. One of the best written Korean dramas this year, More Than Friends has taken viewers to stages of love that are equal parts blissful and painful — but ultimately sweetest in between.

More than friends

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365: Repeat The Year

A group of 10 people gets an opportunity to reset their lives and travel back one year into the past. These people become resetters and traveled back into the past with the hopes to create a better future for themselves. However, each of the resetters start dying one by one. Now, the remaining survivors must try their utmost best to escape death and fight against their destiny.

365: Repeat The Year has got everything that a good thriller drama possesses. Right off the start, the drama manage to keep the story unpredictable until the end, while also maintaining the engrossing pace.

365: Repeat The Year

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Missing The Other Side

The series revolves around the mysterious disappearance of people in a village and the searches that ensued for the missing bodies after.

Healing in a crime series is an unlikely element, but Missing: The Other Side gave an idea that it can be irrevocably attractive. The series’ skill in solving crime cases with a touch of heart is top-notch, letting the warmth find its way to the viewers’ hearts.

missing the other side

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Zombie Detective

A zombie thrives to live as humane as he can, to not get noticed by the people. The story took a 360 degree turn — instead of the conventional concept wherein zombies were perceived as evil, the story rather highlights the struggles of a zombie who is actually scared of human. Unexpectedly, he ended up teaming with a mortal being to unveil his mysterious past and origin.

While it has a light take on the supernatural concept, it mixes mystery and comedy elements fairly. If you need a break from heavy dramas, Zombie Detective should definitely be included in your list!

zombie detective

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The time-crossing series from MBC tells the story of a successful family man Kim Seo Jin (Shin Sung Rok), whose fate gets entangled with a woman living in the past. When his daughter went missing, he teamed up with the woman Han Ae Ri to find his child.

From effective character portrayals, smartly-written script, and fluid pacing, Kairos is definitely worth your time. Because of the extreme cliffhangers after every episodes, this drama is perfect for binge-watching. For people who wants an adrenaline rush, Kairos perfectly fits your preference.

Photo from MBC

Diary of A Prosecutor

A game changer amongst legal dramas this 2020 — Diary of A Prosecutor offers a humane representation of prosecutors. The whole production made such an earthly and sensible drama that breaks all stereotypes built towards prosecutors and legal workers.

It is a meaningful and thought-provoking drama wrapped together with bits of humor. More importantly, it is a heartwarming and quirky slice of life K-drama surrounding a group of prosecutors situated in the countryside.

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Dinner Mate

Dinner Mate dotes on the idea of how two strangers suddenly turned into dinner mates. Having a hearty meal while sharing personal heartbreaks, the two main characters — Woo Do Hee (Seo Ji Hye) a show PD and Kim Hae Kyung (Song Seung Heon) a psychiatrist and food therapist — heal each other’s relationship traumas through love.

Delivering a clear and delicate story about relationships, Dinner Mate hits the right notes in balancing humor and romance. The equally spontaneous peppy main leads and cheerful supporting characters make it worth recommending.

Dinner Mate

Oh My Baby

The drama’s premise is centered on Jang Ha Ri’s (Jang Na Ra) journey to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a mother.

Oh My Baby definitely struck a chord as it clearly and realistically portrayed the plight of women. The series did not shy away from depicting real-life issues women, single, married or in a relationship, face every day.

Oh My Baby

Photo from tvN

My Unfamiliar Family

The drama follows the common story of a family treating each other like strangers while considering other people as their family.

Outspoken and deeply moving, My Unfamiliar Family takes a critical look on family ties that have severed due to misunderstandings and indifferences.

While it delivered on-point emotions through its brilliant casts, the drama heartwarmingly sends genuine lessons everyone can learn from —reconnecting with family and resolving the issue immediately. Plot-wise, nothing grand, but its engrossing honest depiction of the bitter sufferings of every family is definitely worth your time.

my unfamiliar family

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Soul Mechanic

The story focuses on Lee Shi Joon (Shin Ha Kyun), a psychiatrist that tries to personalize treatments to cater to each patient. He encounters Han Woo Joo (Jung So Min), a musical actress diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder in addition to a borderline personality disorder.

Overall, the drama contained hopeful and inspiring messages. Throughout various journeys of patients’ healing, Soul Mechanic continuously promoted self-love. In this manner, the drama enforced the idea that one’s struggles do not determine their worth.

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