K-pop Comeback Spotlight: 3YE Takes Us On A Dynamic Ride With “Stalker” Digital Single

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3YE marks its return with a trendy single, emitting the girls’ strong charms.


Girl trio 3YE are back with the new digital single Stalker, which was released on April 1. The members once again present a confident side with the new addictive music prepared specially for their supportive fans.

Stalker Countdown

3YE announced its Stalker comeback through two coming-up images released on March 19 and 20. The shots focused on the silhouettes of the members, which hinted at their new concepts.

On the following day, the group shared its official promotion schedule to prepare the fans for the next teasers.

Continuing with a set of black-and-white individual photos, the girls presented a stylish suit look, completed with white fedoras. In contrast, they later shared another set of solo images that gave off three different charms.

Yuji exuded a more retro vibe and drew attention for her unique hairstyle. Yurim, on the other hand, presented a chic look with the red velvet outfit and a perfect shoulder cut to boost her charm. Haeun showed off an intense look through the fiery photo and a crop top that complimented her figure.

In addition, the group shots boasted a hip charm with the racer outfits, raising the curiosity of fans about the new music.

3YE gave hints about its new release through various videos, starting with a short teaser. The addictive sound caught the ears immediately, while the video included the girls in their monochrome setting that matched their first individual teasers.

Later, the group shared a concept video titled “Welcome to the next chapter”. They were seen dancing with their suit outfits on a rooftop, surrounded by back-up dancers. Giving off immense charisma through the precise dance moves, the members once again stole the hearts of fans with their immense talent.

Moreover, the background music was revealed to be their “Intro” of the Stalker digital single.

The long music video teaser showed glimpses of the other concepts explored with this comeback. The tempo gradually built up to present an upbeat preview for the new song, further raising the expectations.

Stalker First Impressions

The first track “Intro (The Next Chapter)” switches between rhythms and grows its dynamic. With the words “Welcome to the next chapter”, the girls herald the beginning of something new, as this is also their first release for the new year. The track prepares us for the main star of the single, leading through the dynamic music to then swiftly finish off with a calmer melody.

“Stalker” is an electronic pop song that combines dreamy atmosphere and intense beats. It stands out with its lyrics, expressing honesty and confidence in the things one desires. The song captivates from its very first seconds and continues to grow on the listener with its dynamic parts and addictive chorus. You can also feel the members’ outstanding vocals, which shine throughout the song, be it with their singing or rapping.

The “Stalker = Remix” number presents a different arrangement of the title track. In it, the intense beats are lost and replaced with a more gentle melody that brings a different charm to the song. For those who prefer medium pop sounds with a lyrical and dreamy atmosphere, this might be your version of the track. Despite the difference in the tempo, the music number still shows the powerful voices that the members hold.

“Stalker” MV Afterthoughts

The music video for “Stalker” is a trendy clip that draws viewers right in. It starts off with the scene from the short teaser and drifts from its black-and-white setting to a colorful contemporary one.

It focuses on the girls’ powerful choreography, all the while switching to clips from their respective and unique spaces. In addition, the members proudly show them. From the arcade room, through the fashionable influencer reminiscent area, to the place with the shopping cart looking like a healthy store, they are not afraid to showcase their interests.

This is what the song is all about, being confident and proud of what you like, and want, and not afraid to show it. That, and the growing desire towards someone and how the focused on them can eventually turn into an obsession, like a stalker.

Above all, the song and the music video portray confidence, both holding their own attractive points to please the fans.

Source & Image credit: GH Entertainment