Monbebes Adopt Numerous Animals On Behalf Of MONSTA X In Span Of One Month

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Hope is what Monbebes are also bringing to these animals who they have adopted on behalf of MONSTA X.

Monbebes continue to find meaningful ways to express their love to MONSTA X, and this time, they have gone to extend their family by adopting and supporting animals who they wish to bring the same hope that keeps them going as days pass by.

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Slowly building their own animal kingdom for the boy group, fans had already adopted over thirty animals just within the past month under the names of MONSTA X’s seven members through various organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund. With the group being full of animal lovers and proud pet owners, there is no wonder how fans were inspired to make a move with this special cause in mind.

Check out the animals that Monbebes had adopted on behalf of the MONSTA X members within the past month:


With the cuddly bear image that he has, Shownu had adoptions of a panda and a grizzly bear under his name from Monbebes.


Quite notably, a lot of the animals adopted by Monbebes under Wonho’s real name were koalas – and this is backed by such a special cause. Currently, Australia is suffering from deadly bushfires which have caused a lot of koalas losing their homes and being put in danger from getting burnt. With this, many Monbebes had decided to adopt koalas who, just like Wonho, need their love and support the most at the moment.

In commemoration of Wonho’s representative animal being the bunny, Monbebes also adopted pygmy rabbits and an arctic hare in his name.

Fans also adopted an adorable kitten for the singer, who is known for being a cat lover and a proud cat parent.


With his birthday being held just this November, Minhyuk has been gifted by many Monbebes a number of whales, his favourite animal, adopted on his behalf.

His love for dogs – aka his life as Dambi’s dad – also led fans to adopt an African wild dog under his name.

Together with fellow November birthday boy Kihyun, the same fan also got them a jackal and Fennec fox.


As mentioned previously, Kihyun’s birthday was celebrated by the fandom earlier this November. Some Monbebes commemorated the singer’s special day by adopting a family of snow leopards as well as a red fox and several sharks.


Twin turtles were also adopted for singer-dancer-model-actor Hyungwon, and more would probably come for his birthday in January next year. What’s more adorable about this is how one turtle was named as Hyungwon, and the twin was named Monbebe.


Monbebes also adopted bees and beehives for Joohoney through various foundations in commemoration of the rapper’s natural sweetness.

Several animals like a wild kitty – with him being a proud cat parent to Yoshi and Gucci, gorilla, lion cub, and a tiger (a true Monbebe would know the backstory about this from MONSTA X-RAY) were also adopted on his behalf.

A project named #AppawsforJoohoney by Monbebes all around the world also gathered donations amounting to $1300, which was endowed to the Animal Welfare League in Australia to sponsor their cat enclosure and help them care for and provide a home to cats and other animals for a year in Jooheon’s name.


Matching the fierce personality of the group’s rapper I.M, Monbebes adopted an Amur leopard on behalf of their beloved maknae – and it is made even more special by the fact that this specific leopard species is critically endangered already. Known for being “nimble-footed and strong, it carries and hides unfinished kills so that they are not taken by other predators”, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

An early birthday gift for the January celebrant was also given by Monbebes as they sponsor a wolfdog on his behalf, with their donations under I.M’s name going to feeding and caring for a rescued resident wolfdog.


As mentioned, koalas in Australia are currently put at risk because of the deadly bushfires in the country, and besides Wonho, Monbebes had also adopted koalas under the name of each member, as well as MONSTA X and Monbebe, to help out more.

An adoption drive is also currently still ongoing for fans who want to help out in rescuing koalas and assuring their safety.

In commemoration of the group’s first comeback track for 2019, an “alli-alligator” has also been adopted by fans recently.

These are all in addition to the numerous animals that Monbebes had already adopted for the boys prior to this month. These include a walrus and lemur for November birthday boys Minhyuk and Kihyun, plus a Beluga Whale for Minhyuk and multiple animals for Kihyun.

Another arctic hare was also given love and care by Monbebes before on behalf of Wonho for his birthday as well.

Fans also adopted a wolf for I.M and various, including an entire family of, polar bears for Shownu in the past.

With this, over approximately sixty animals are already adopted and supported by Monbebes on behalf of MONSTA X and each of its members. Taking inspiration from how the boys lend their voices to causes and organizations that they believe in by taking part in donations, campaigns, charity, and volunteer work, Monbebes hope to be a reflection of MONSTA X showing them that all acts of kindness and love, no matter how big or small, matter and help make the world a better place.

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