New K-Dramas On Netflix In February 2020: “Itaewon Class”, “My Holo Love”, “Hyena” & More

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Netflix is going to shower romance to K-Drama fans this love month!

Five new Korean dramas are set to stream on Netflix with exciting themes about love and chasing dreams. If you love romance stories and thrilling legal series, then add these new titles on your Netflix binge-watch list.

Itaewon Class – February 1

Moulding themselves to rebellious youth, Park Seo Joon and Kim Da Mi are set to chase their dreams while creating a ripple of change in the neighborhood of Itaewon.

Available on Netflix beginning February 1, the series tells the story of young people aiming to pursue freedom by aspiring to fulfill their dreams and denouncing illogical society rules.

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Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage – February 1

Based on the novel of the same name, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage steps into the world of three young men who are managing a successful match-making business. Their world turns upside down when one of their commissions ends in failure. The story progresses to show how the unfortunate event affects their fateful journey.

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Be Melodramatic – February 1

Highlighting the stories of three women who have been best friends for a long time, they have seen each other through the best and worst times of their lives. Together they formed an airtight support system as they travail through the adventures of their lives together.

My Holo Love – February 7

My Holo Love threads on the plot of three extraordinary characters. So Yeon, played by Ko Sung Hee (Suits, While You Were Sleeping), has lived a recluse life due to her face blindness disorder. She then meets Holo, a perfect AI assistant who soon creates a connection with her.

However, Holo realizes his limit being a robot with artificial intelligence. At the same time, his developer Nando, slowly develops feelings for So Yeon as he witnessed her interaction with Holo. Yoon Hyun Min (Witch at Court, Tunnel), challenges dual role portraying the characters of Holo and Nando.

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Hyena – February 21

HYENA takes the story of the grueling world of lawyers representing the elite class of South Korea. Supporting the top 1% of the society entails mastery of treacherous ways to remain victorious with their legal tasks and responsibilities.

Starring Ju Ji Hoon (Kingdom) and Kim Hye Soo (Signal), the highly-anticipated Korean series is the comeback project of Director Jang Tae Yoo. He last worked on acclaimed and top-rating series, My Love From The Star.

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