Produce X 101’s Debut Group X1 Launches Official Accounts On Social Media

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Looking forward to X1’s forthcoming debut? Make sure to follow their official social media accounts for updates!

Just hours after revealing the official name of Produce X 101’s debut group as X1 and eventually naming its eleven successful members, the team hyped fans even more as they announced their entry on social media.

Photo from X1’s facebook account

In the midnight of July 20, X1 heightened fans’ excitement after officially launching their accounts on the social media platform. Fans all over the world can now look forward to seeing more of the exciting journey of the K-pop group on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and V Live.

Members of X1

The winning trainees of Produce X 101, who will be debuting under the banner of X1, include OUI Entertainment’s Kim Yo Han as the final center, TOP Media’s Kim Woo Seok, Plan A’s Han Seung Woo, Starship Entertainment’s Song Hyeon Jun, and Yuehua Entertainment’s Cho Seung Youn.

In addition, landing at the top six to ten spots are Son Dong Pyo of DSP Media, MBK Trainees’ Nam Do Hyun and Lee Han Gyul, Woollim Entertainment’s Cha Jun Ho, and Kang Min Hee from Starship.

Meanwhile, completing the group as the X member is Lee Eun Sang from Brand New Music, who scored the highest cumulative votes among the remaining trainees.

Fans should stay tuned as the upcoming boy group will be charming their way into everyone’s hearts through their highly-anticipated debut soon.

Moreover, the handsome and talented boys will be promoting under X1 for five years. Specifically, the group will devote the first two and a half years to project group promotions, while the latter half will allow the members to return to their agencies with X1 as a side group project.