K-Drama Premiere: “Welcome To Waikiki 2” Warms Up With Trademark Comic Elements & Endearing Cast Members

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Wielding humor and committed characters, Welcome To Waikiki 2 begins another love and friendship story that will make you happy.

Albeit new cast members, the premiere week of Welcome to Waikiki 2 satisfied expectations with the comic incorporated theme. Lee Jun Ki (Lee Yi Kyung) returns as one of the main cast members and has tapped his high school friends, portrayed by Kim Sun Ho and Shin Hyun Soo.

Welcome to Waikiki 2

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Looks like the cameo treats are lined up for the series and we bet these are going to be memorable as always. We have yet to meet the third girl in the cast, but the opening week appears to be a ray of light in the relatively heavy-themed dramas currently airing right now.

Welcome to Waikiki 2

Premiere Week Recap

Just like the first season, the lead male trio are on the verge of losing the guest house. They live with Jung Eun (Ahn So Hee), who works on multiple part-time jobs. Fortunately, they are saved by their first love, Soo Yeon (Moon Ga Young).

The latter ends up at the trunk of Jun Ki’s car Rebecca, when she ran away on her wedding day. Apparently, her father’s business went bankrupt so she hides herself inside the car to avoid the raging enemies of her father.

Offering a place to stay for their “first love”, Soo Yeon is unaware about the one-week ultimatum raised by the landlady to pay for the overdue expenses. Cha Woo Sik (Kim Sun Ho) pretends to be in love with the landlady and starts a relationship to bid more time. He also lies to the landlady that Soo Yeon is crazy, and tells the same lie to Soo Yeon about the landlady. Unfortunately, the lie backfires, leaving the boys at the bad side of the landlady.

Welcome to Waikiki 2

Three friends + their “first love”

Still, they agree to help Soo Yeon get her phone so she can reach her father. Jun Ki and Ki Bong (Shin Hyun Soo) sneaks in at Soo Yeon’s house to get her old phone. Reaching her father through his secretary, Soo Yeon had a quick conversation with her father and was told to be brave while he fixes their situation. Dropping Soo Yeon to her husband’s place, the three witness their first love humiliated by her husband and mother-in-law, who confessed the marriage is all about money.

After being shoved away, Woo Sik gets off the car to rescue Soo Yeon who sits helplessly in humiliation. They barge in the house, and grab all Soo Yeon’s stuff. Arriving at the guest house, they see Jung Eun stuck and slumped on the floor with Soo Yeon’s wedding dress totally ruined.

Just then, the landlady arrives with her minions ready to evict the boys, but Soo Yeon comes to their rescue and sells her rare iguana to pay for the boys’ overdue rent fee.

Welcome to Waikiki 2

Premiere Week Afterthoughts

Last year, Welcome To Waikiki was a surprise favorite for me. I even marked it as one of my highly-recommended Korean dramas. There was no dull moment each week with the boys in their guest house. That seems to be the case again for its second serving.

Welcome to Waikiki 2Welcome to Waikiki 2

Lee Yi Kyung, as always, brought one of the highlights on its pilot week through his bit actor experiences. Kim Sun Ho and Shin Hyun Soo settled to their characters well, that I can’t wait how these three friends would run the signature smartly written scenarios of the series.

Clever humor is something that makes this series appealing to watch. It is easy to nail emotional moments, but comedic highs and its preparations always have to rely on their timing and execution. I am happy to report that the sequel of this well-loved series is keen on keeping its color and vibe intact.

Along with the friendship memories that have so far been pictured in Welcome To Waikiki 2, we also expect the love lines to brighten up the plot.

Welcome To Waikiki 2 airs on jTBC every Monday and Tuesday. Fans can watch it on VIU.


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