Lee Yeon Hee Confirmed To Appear In MBC’s “SF8” Project Drama Series

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Lee Yeon Hee to confront an AI enabled fortune-telling service in the new MBC series

Actress Lee Yeon Hee had grabbed a role in a new sci-fi drama. The actress confirmed that she will be appearing in SF8‘s project drama The Female Shaman 만신 (literal title).

Lee Yeon Hee

The SF8 series is a crossover project of films and dramas produced by Soo films in collaboration with MBC, the Directors Guild of Korea (DGK), and OTT platform wavve. The series depicts the future where humans are dreaming of achieving a perfect society through technological development.

The Female Shaman

The Female Shaman starring Lee Yeon Hee focuses on a society that is obsessed and devoted to ‘Manshin’, an artificial intelligence fortune-telling service with high success rates. The drama is directed by Roh Deok, who had also worked on movies like Very Ordinary Couple and The Exclusive: Beat The Devil’s Tattoo. A lot of excitement can be expected from this thrilling action-packed drama.

Lee Yeon Hee plays the role of Sun Ho, a charismatic character who believes in her intuitions and does things in what she deems best rather than listening to others. In the story, she persistently pursues the truth behind the AI fortune telling service ‘Manshin’. The drama also stars actor Lee Dong Hwi.

Lee Yeon Hee

Recently, Lee Yeon Hee appeared in the MBC drama, The Game: Towards Zero where she plays a strong-willed detective. The actress has shown her extended acting spectrum across her various works attracting a lot of attention from the viewers. Therefore, her unusual appearance in this drama too raises expectations.

Meanwhile, SF8 which has been generating a lot of buzz is a science fiction anthology series made by eight film directors. It will be released as a director’s cut on wavve in July. Following this the series will be released on MBC with two new episodes airing each week over a period of four weeks in August.

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Image Credit: Lee Yeon Hee’s Official Facebook Page