Seo Ji Hye Talks About “Heart Surgeons” & Future Roles She Wants To Do

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Seo Ji Hye looked back on her latest drama Heart Surgeons.

As her newest TV project ended its successful run on November 15, lead actress Seo Ji Hye sat down with Star News for an interview.

Seo Ji Hye has been part of several well-loved dramas in the past such as Jealousy Incarnate and Black Knight. In her latest drama, she tackles the role of Yoon Soo Yeon.


On her doctor role in Heart Surgeons

Seo Ji Hye gained the attention of the viewers because of her performance as a doctor in the drama. When asked how she prepared for her role, she responds about the training she went through before filming her drama.

She studied everything; from how to wash her hands and how to dress in the operating gown. She also practiced while watching videos, and used a pillow to practice suturing.

Although she still got nervous and was shaky as she began to shoot the drama, she quickly adjusted to her role. She also remembered how difficult it was for her to memorize the script because of all the medical words.

The hardworking actress recalled how she would write down her lines in a notebook and practice. However once she started to shoot, she completely forgot it. She practiced a lot and eventually got the hang of it.

Because it was a medical drama, she said that there were times she had to be standing for six to seven hours at a time. It definitely was hard on her and required her to have massages at least twice during her breaks.

Seo Ji Hye

How has she changed after Heart Surgeons?

Seo shared how her views on doctors changed after filming the drama. She revealed that she actually wanted to become a doctor if she did not become an actress.

Her impressions completely changed because she thought initially that doctors simply healed the patients, however she quickly realized what a difficult job they had, therefore she has a newfound respect for them.

Heart Surgeons is a drama about medical politics and the personal struggles of the people working in the hospital. The conflict between main characters was something that she considered carefully.

Seo Ji Hye did her best to understand the dynamics between the complicated relationships between the main leads. She also said that she worried a lot if she was able to portray her role successfully.

In the end, if ever she receives another chance to do a medical drama again, she promised to work harder.

On roles she wants to do next

Seo Ji Hye is known for her bright and free spirited image. “I want to try a bright and unpredictable character. Now that I am older, I want to do it while I can. There was a scene where I was smiling brightly, but it was awkward to me,” she said.

She continued to talk about roles she wants to do in the future. The roles of Jun Ji Hyun and Seo Hyun Jin in The Legend of Blue Sea and Another Oh Hae Young came to her mind. “Roles that can make me feel comfortable and free would be nice,” she explained.

“I think I am ready to change my image and even try out comedy. But I do not want to be the lead,” she admitted. Seo Ji Hye doesn’t want to force the roles and thinks what’s more important  is her work for the characters in her dramas. The company representative of the actress agreed with her that as long as she can do her character well, she is doing her job right.

Seo Ji Hye

Her Bright Perspective

The versatile actress observed after that there are many roles of poisonous unrequited love which she thinks are not for her. She wants to play roles where she can be loved. After working on back to back dramas Black Knight and Heart Surgeons,  Seo looked back on the past year.

She said, “I am happy to work than to rest. I am having so much fun and I felt so happy because of work. It’s not difficult for me because I feel so much energy. I  feel it has overflowed to my personal life as well. This year was very significant and I have lived thoroughly since it went by quickly.”

She concluded by saying that she wants the viewers to remember her as a believable actor. She aims to look for trustworthy and hardworking actors.

She ended the sit-down talk with some wise words about how a true actor portrays their characters well, a goal she wants to pursue through bringing out beautiful characters into life.

All photos retrieved from Cultural Warehouse via Starnews.