APRIL’s Naeun And Jinsol Sing About “Matter Of Time” In First Song For “Four Seasons” Project

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APRIL’s Naeun and Jinsol had let their beautiful voices harmonize in a new warm ballad perfect for spring!

APRIL’s Naeun and Jinsol kickstarted the Four Seasons music project with a new song titled “Matter Of Time” released on March 1!

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Besides the name of their group being one of the most blooming months of the spring season, APRIL’s Naeun and Jinsol proved to be the perfect pick for the warm and emotional ballad for the music project titled Four Seasons thanks to their sweet voices which perfectly portrayed the feelings that the song wanted to show.

The Four Seasons project is a team-up of composer Kim Hyung Suk, best known for his works in My Sassy Girl and My Brother, and lyricist Kim Yi Na, most popular for penning “Good Day” by IU and “Abracadabra” by Brown Eyed Girls, who will be bringing new musical masterpieces for each season.

“Matter Of Time” kicks it off as the song for spring, and it was released on the season’s very first day.

Highlighting the two APRIL members’ honey voices, “Matter Of Time” is a heartstring-tugging ballad with melodious piano and string instrumental accompaniment.

Evoking further emotions from listeners, its lyrics narrate the sadness one feels on their own after a tough break-up.

The ballad came with an animated music video which also showed a man and a woman being forlorn after ending their relationship with each other.

With the A+ quality that “Matter Of Time” gave through the two APRIL members, the Four Seasons project proved to be more than promising and definitely something music lovers should continue watching out for.

Watch the animated music video for “Matter Of Time” from the Four Seasons project sang by APRIL’s Naeun and Jinsol below:

Video from DSP Media


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