Former Miss A Member Min Drops Pre-debut Single “ONION”

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Min captivates fans with her catchy and playful new song “ONION”.

After 11 years since her debut as part of the girl group Miss A, former member Min took a leap by starting her solo career. The talented artist released her pre-debut single “ONION” on November 8, drawing attention with her bright music.

Min Onion

The new song “ONION” is a future pop genre track with fresh and lively lyrics, and melody, featuring rapper Jang Seokhoon. Min herself is seen in the credits as she participated in the lyrics writing and composition of her music piece.

The track is about how each person is like an onion, with different layers to discover. People’s personalities change depending on the other person present, thus emphasizing on the many possible sides a human can have.

In addition to the catchy sound and English lyrics, the music video for “ONION” is also fun to watch. The colorful clip shows Min in different outfits and backgrounds, visually pointing out the different sides of a person, all the while keeping a cute vibe.

On the day of the song’s release, a live performance of the track was shared through MDR’s it’s Live YouTube channel. Min presented a playful performance that matched with the mood of her new song.

We look forward to see what other colors the talented artist would present as a soloist!

Image & Video source: K-Tigers E&C, it’s Live YouTube

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