6 New Korean Dramas In November 2017, Highlighting Jin Goo, Yoo Seung Ho, Jang Hyuk And More!

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Mark your dream boy on the roster of 2017 November Korean Dramas.

2017 November Korean Dramas

It’s a male dominated November Korean dramas for the last spurt of autumn. And yes, the trend is still on the romantic side.

While we are still basking on the aired love dramas last month, the remaining fall dramas are off to showcase romance-based narratives but with interesting themes on the side.

November Korean Dramas

1. Money Flower

2017 November Korean Dramas

Jang Hyuk reunites with Fated to Love You director in MBC’s forthcoming 50-episode weekender – Money Flower. The melodrama circles on people whose overwhelming hubris make them believe that they can control everything with money. Not realizing that same greed will consume their sanity. Jang Hyuk (Voice) will pair up with Park Se Young (Whisper), and are set to contend with KBS powerhouse weekend drama My Golden Life. Veteran Actor Lee Soon Jae (Yes, That’s How It Is), Jang Seung Jo (Teacher Oh Soon Nam) and Han So Hee (Reunited Worlds) make up the secondary cast.

Money Flower replaces Good Thief, Bad Thief on MBC weekend slot from 11 November.

2017 November Korean Dramas

2. Meloholic

2017 November Korean Dramas

TVXQ’s Yunho (Records of A Nightwatchman) clinches his first lead man role in OCN’s fantasy-romance drama – Meloholic. Yes, you read it right, it’s from OCN and will be the cable channel’s second love serving this year after My Secret Romance. He is up to play the role of a mind-reading hero with zero dating experience, who falls in love with a girl of dual personality played by Kyung Soo Jin (Weightlifting Fairy). Our newbie actors are backed up by the PD who gifted us with Oh Hae Young Again and Marriage Not Dating, so let’s hope that the end result will include his trademark clever humor and genuine emotions.

Meloholic takes the Monday-Tuesday slot for OCN on November 6. It will be available through Oksusu mobile app on November 1.

3. I’m not a Robot

2017 November Korean Dramas

From his masked prince portrayal in Ruler, Yoo Seung Ho will suit up for a light rom-com treat with 2017’s busiest actress Chae Soo Bin, who is on her third lead actress role this year from Rebel and Strongest Deliveryman. Yes, she is up to play another strong-willed heroine knowledgeable in mechanical engineering.  The love drama tells about a chaebol who has shunned himself from living and non-living things due to his extreme allergies. Without any human interaction, he falls in love with a robot. Enter Eom Ki Joon (Defendant) who will play a dorky robotics professor. His coaching of romantic theories based on his non-existent love life to the first-love stricken hero is one of the interactions I look forward to in this romcom treat. I want to see both of them jovial and relaxed after their successful serious dramas early this year. Helming the love spectacle is the same PD who gave us W Two Worlds, She Was Pretty, King 2 Hearts and more. Based on his portfolio, it is worth banking our time, especially you can never go wrong with Yoo Seung Ho.

I’m Not A Robot is slated for MBC’s mid-week drama on November 8.

November Korean Dramas

4. Nothing to Lose

2017 November Korean Dramas

SBS law-oriented drama spree continues. But don’t worry, this time around court judges would be the game players and not prosecutors. And yes, let’s accept that for the twist since we would get Park Eun Bin (Age of Youth 2) and Yeon Woo Jin (Queen For Seven Days) for the main leads. That would make the latter as Chae Soo Bin’s counterpart in three striking dramas in one year. Far from the lively persona in her recent youth drama, Park Eun Bin takes on a serious face as a hot-tempered judge unfazed of everything as long as she upholds the law. Her hero will play her exact opposite as a rational man in the same division as hers, who aims to become a well-respected judge. Dong Ha (Suspicious Partner) and Na Hae Ryung (The Universe Star) round up the supporting leads.

Nothing To Lose takes over While You Were Sleeping‘s Wednesday-Thursday spot for SBS.

2017 November Korean Dramas

5. Untouchable

november korean dramas

For those awaiting “Wolf” from Descendants of the Sun, Jin Goo finally secures his latest drama Untouchable through jTBC. We will see if the thriller-melodrama is the year-end crown for the cable network, which has enjoyed an impressive drama line-up this year. Jung Eun Ji (Sassy Go Go) suits up for the lead girl role. The reported premise is set to a fictional town where the hero’s family has reigned for three generations. However, power struggle ensues in the family as the hero is on a quest to unravel the secret of his beloved’s death. If you have enjoyed The Chaser and Empire of Gold, you know that this drama is shaping to be covering underdog and human misdeed stories owing to the PD’s drama style. Go Joon Hee (She Was Pretty)  and Kim Sung Kyun (Scarlet Heart) are up for the supporting leads.

Untouchable takes over Jung Yong Hwa’s The Package schedule on November 24.

6. Doubtful Victory

2017 november korean dramas

Yoon Kyung Sang (3 Meals A Day Sea Ranch, Rebel) preps up for a fraud cop role in Doubtful Victory. Joining him is Jung Hye Sung (ManholeChief Kim). who claimed her first well-deserved lead girl role. The crime drama flows on the hero’s quest to find an enormous amount of money while being backed up by felons and hiding his identity as an insurgent prisoner. That’s actually the reason why I have marked this drama because I want to know how it can neatly explain about the plot of how he infiltrates the local police. This will be the actor’s reunion project with the PD of Six Flying Dragons. That’s another reason why I have high hopes on this new series since he is known to be a polished and sane director.

Doubtful Victory will air on SBS Monday-Tuesday slot, replacing Temperature of Love on November 27

Watch out for the last batch of 2017 Korean Dramas next month!

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