Kim So Hyun To Lead As Princess Pyeonggang In Much Anticipated Historical Drama

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Suiting up as a Goguryeo princess, Kim So Hyun just sealed her newest historical drama!

On October 5, Kim So Hyun confirms to play the role of Princess Pyeonggang in an upcoming historical drama entitled 달이 뜨는 강 The Moon Rising River (literal translation). It is loosely based on Goguryeo historical folktale of Ondal and Princess Pyeonggang.

Kim So Hyun

The drama is set to air in 2021 but is already drawing much attention as early as now. Producer Yoon Sang Ho (Saimdang, Light’s Diary and King Maker: The Change of Destiny) and writer Han Ji Hoon (Time Between Dog and Wolf, Woman of 9.9 Billion) partner to show their prowess in creating this epic historical drama.

The Moon Rising River tells the story of Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun) who is a forceful princess determined to be first Queen of Goguryeo but she gets confused when she meets On Dal.

After Tale of Nokdu, this is Kim So Hyun’s return in the small screen. After her debut as a child actress in 2008 in Legendary Home-Let’s Go to Liquidation, Kim So Hyun proves that she is growing in her acting skills by being able to go back and forth between historical and modern dramas.

Kim So Hyun also stars in the drama The Moon Embracing the Sun, Love Alarm and Radio Romance.

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