Kim Sung Kyu Leaves Woollim Entertainment After The End Of His Exclusive Contract

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The exclusive contract of Kim Sung Kyu with Woollim Entertainment reached its end. No renewal will follow.

Singer Kim Sung Kyu and leader of boy group INFINITE will be taking his leave from Woollim Entertainment. The idol’s exclusive contract with the company has now officially ended.

Kim SUng Kyu

The agency Woollim Entertainment said in an official press release on the morning of March 7, “We would like to inform you that our exclusive contract with Kim Sung Kyu, a member of INFINITE who has been with us for the past 11 years, ended on March 6, 2021.”

The company also added that there were prior discussions with the artist and they reached an agreement to not renew his contract.

Woollim continued talking about the singer. The agency stated, “Kim Sung Kyu has been doing his best ever since 2010, as the leader of INFINITE, as well as in various fields. We sincerely thank Kim Sung Kyu for being with us for a long time.”

Next, the agency expressed its gratitude to the fans. “We would also like to thank all the fans for their generous support for Kim Sung Kyu’s music and activities. With a new beginning ahead of him, we will sincerely support his future.”

Before the end of the contract, Kim Sung Kyu released his third mini-album INSIDE ME on December 14 2020. The singer has shown great growth and talent through the years, as a soloist, a member of INFINITE and as an artist.

We wish him a bright future ahead and await his next endeavors, as the idol enters a new chapter in his life.

Source: HeraldCorp