Seo In Young Shares Thoughts On 4Minute’s Disbandment On Radio Show ‘Old School’

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Hope 4Minute will reunite someday!

Singer Seo In Young made a guest appearance on the June 13 episode of SBS radio show Old School.

At the show, DJ Kim Chang Ryul expressed his sadness about the recent news regarding  4Minute’s disbandment, saying: “I wish 4Minute didn′t disband. Even if the company changes, I hope they continue promotions as 4Minute.”

As a senior of 4Minute, Seo shared her honest thoughts on the girl group’s dissolution. She said: “As someone with experience (group disbandment), my heart hurts too. You will know when you get to the end. We, Jewelry, also thought ‘how would it be if we came back together?’ during our last dinner.”

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