K-Drama Review: “Miss Hammurabi” Warmly Heals With Comforting Life Lessons

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Albeit the sad and reality biting life lessons, Miss Hammurabi is emotionally uplifting.

Intelligently written and superbly acted, Miss Hammurabi thrives on warming up the viewers’ hearts despite the painful situations encompassing the myriad of relatable human disputes discussed throughout the series.

Title: Miss Hammurabi
Distributor: jTBC
Theme: Legal, Drama
Length: 16 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 21 May 2018 – 16 July 2018
Main Leads: Go Ara, Kim Myung Soo, Sung Dong Il, Ryu Duk Hwan, Lee Elliyah
Overall Rating: 
Rewatch Value: 
Plus Factors: Healing Story Premise, Efficient Ensembles Cast
Oh No Moments: Routine Story Format
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Nicely blended energy of the cast tackling civil cases was the first impression we had for the series. From trivial to impossible local discords about gender roles, family ties, workplace discrimination; a myriad of prevalent societal issues has filled in the well-written narrative of Miss Hammurabi. It flows thought-provoking life lessons that is impossible not to look forward to its chapters.

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Miss Hammurabi


Heart-tugging life realizations

Courtroom dramas usually lead the viewers to root for the stories happening inside the said fictional sphere. But not with Miss Hammurabi. It magically binds the viewers to the presented cases like how the judge characters would feel and ponder the situations requiring ruling. The string of conflicts which ensued from the onset keeps an engaging pace, owing to how the depicted cases indulge on how the outcomes will be unveiled. Each of the sub-stories presented nudges a reality check for the viewers, because the familiar disputes are wrapped with courageous pep talks that harsh life experiences have robbed us over the years. Department 44 judges sedated the watchers to reflect on their own lives if in case the basic of their human interactions has been overlooked.

Efficient Character Depictions

The writing of Miss Hammurabi strategically makes use of young and old cast to play emphasis on the changing goodness of people, which have been affected by the evolving societal perspectives of what’s right or wrong. The veteran judges represent the safe and wise decisions that have been tested through time. In contrast, the young judges highlight the bravery needed to depart from traditional views that do not cohere anymore on precedents of the modern circumstances.

Go Ara, who portrayed the emotional and whistle-blower judge, Miss Hammurabi, displays Judge Oh Reum’s change-oriented convictions that challenge the flawed organization she belongs to. Her empathetic abilities to utilize her heart and sane reasoning to protect the powerless earned the ire of her superiors, who refuse to accept her unconventional ways. But through her sincere efforts, along with the heartwarming rulings she came up with Judge Ba Reun (Kim Myung Soo) and Judge Han (Sung Dong Il), she helps in closing the generation gap between young and old arbitrators.

Thought Provoking Aftermath

Choosing stories that would yield the viewers to sympathize on ordinary problems translated to civil cases has been one of the strengths of Miss Hammurabi. That given its straight narrative approach, the anticipation to wonder what kind of weekly case the judges would work on is – but a normal thing to do for the religious followers. The series felt like attending a healing program or meeting the world’s best shrink with how much motivational messages to live an upright existence it has shared abundantly to its audience.

Miss Hammurabi


Routine Storybuilding

Following multiple conflicts that decide the plot bends of the narrative would not appeal to a wide range of audiences. Miss Hammurabi maneuvers a plain approach that you can summarize its plot through a one-liner of “judges working on civil cases”. The series means business in reminding people to ponder about their evil ways by brimming the series with castigating lessons for the followers to learn from.

Miss Hammurabi

Recommendation & Afterthoughts

Weighing the judgment on who deserves to be gratified, Miss Hammurabi gives off a consoling effect as it courageously probes in showing how human flaws and pains either motivate or shatter a person.

The hastened ending is visible since the storyline has limitless options to prolong the series.

Although slightly sprinkled, romance is not an integral plot game-changer for Miss Hammurabi. Humor is evident, but it is the overall design of the main leads’ growth coinciding with the lessons they learned from the legal problems they handled – that made jTBC’s legal story a much-watch drama you should include on your list.

Fans can watch Miss Hammurabi on VIU.

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Miss Hammurabi

Takeaway Quotes

“Human dignity stems from our ability to take responsibility of our actions. But what do you call a society that abandons the powerless?”

“It’s not wise to punish every barking dog, and it’s best to avoid problems. This world is full of people who will never change. There’s no need to fight them or make them understand. We don’t have to be friends with anyone we know.

“Sometimes the reality is worse than a horror movie.”