K-Drama Review: “Find Me In Your Memory” Unfolds A Poignant Narrative About Healing Through Love

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Find Me In Your Memory is about letting go of the past and moving on.

Headlined by Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young, Find Me In Your Memory provides viewers with a saccharine treat. Lots of lovey-dovey and romantically cliched but enticing moments are placed in the drama.

Find Me In Your Memory

Title: Find Me In Your Memory
Network: MBC
Theme: Romance, Drama
Length: 16 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 18 March 2020 – 13 May 2020
Main Leads: Kim Dong Wook, Moon Ga Young
Highlights: Sweet portrayal of love, Heartwarming tales of friendships, Fashion fiesta
Oh No Moments: Overstretched storyline
Overall Rating: 
Re-watch Value: 
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Quick Plot Round-up

Lee Jeong Hoon (Kim Dong Wook) is a successful news anchor with impressive skills that preceeds his fame. However, he suffers from a rare disease called hyperthymesia, thus, he can remember everything. Even so, he has a very sad past, the memories of which are still clearly intact in his memory.

Yeo Ha Jin (Moon Ga Young) is a famous rising actress and a social media influencer. An eccentric actress, she often tends to get into trouble for doing whatever she wants. But, she had suffered from a painful incident in the past. As a coping mechanism, she has forgotten the most important memories of her life.

A chanced encounter occurs between these two which causes a change in their lives.

Find Me In Your Memory


A series of love stories that we could never get enough of

Bringing forth a message that love is powerful enough to heal our scars, Find Me In Your Memory presents different kinds of love.

Find Me In Your Memory

In case of Lee Jeong Hoon and Yeo Ha Jin’s romance story, it was not easy to forge a relationship. From having a common painful past to people trying to sabotage relationship, they had to endure it all. Yet, they selflessly put each other’s happiness ahead of themselves.

As for Yeo Ha Kyung (Kim Seul Gi) and Jo Il Kwon (Lee Jin Hyuk), they are that annoying couple, who are too much in love to notice anything else. Their overall relationship journey is an adorable occurrence. Who would have thought that a hard core workout session can lead to pounding of hearts?


Find Me In Your Memory

Love does not die with time and an embodiment of that is Choi Hee Sang (Jang Young Nam) and Kim Cheol Woong (Lee Seung Joon). A boss-subordinate relationship at work, they perfectly balance their professional life.

Find Me In Your Memory

Heartwarming tales of friendships

This drama has a very strong friendship game. The friendship between Yeo Ha Jin and Jung Seo Yeon (Lee Joo Bin) is just too precious. They have what everyone aspires to have – a childhood friendship that blossomed into an everlasting one.

Lee Jeong Hoon’s friendship with Yoo Tae Eun (Yoon Jong Hoon) is quite underrated since the two are not very vocal about their affections. Nonetheless, the duo have always rooted for each other’s happiness and made sacrifices for the other as well.

Fate made them sisters but they grew as friends – Yeo Ha Jin and Yeo Ha Kyung. The moments between these two are never boring as they bicker but also care.

Find Me In Your Memory

Fashion that made heads turn

Being a rising star, Yeo Ha Jin takes care of her looks. As a fashionista, she dons an enviable appearance everywhere.

Every path is Yeo Ha Jin’s runway and she flaunts her wardrobe in style. She has a signature looks for every occasion ranging from meeting her boyfriend at work to the date night rendezvous.

Find Me In Your Memory

Oh No Moments

Overstretched and preposterous scenarios

In its last few episodes, Find Me In Your Memory disappoints with its uninspiring narrative and major plot holes.

If the drama is dissected into parts, then some of the sections were really good. But, at the same time, there are parts which did not make much sense.

Most of the disappointment for me comes after the resolution of the stalker episode. Post that, the story got unnecessarily dragged too long.

Though, we love the couple for resolving any impending conflicts soon enough. But the female lead’s indecisiveness followed with subsequent break-ups and patch-ups was quite unnecessary in the story’s progress.

Additionally, pretty much anti-climactic was the fact that the people who had been trying to harm Jeong Hoon and Ha Jin did not face any substantial consequences for their actions.

Find Me In Your Memory Afterthoughts

When I started on this drama, I was skeptical about it because of its intrinsic theme of hyperthymesia and amnesia at the same time. For a disease, as rare as amnesia, I find its overwhelming presence in the K-Drama world and therefore, I had my apprehensions.

Moving on to the third episode, as the focus shifts into progressing romance between the main leads, the drama grows on me. I especially like the female lead for being blunt with her feelings and striving to be cheerful.

Also, extremely adorable are the other two couples, who manifested the different kinds of love. The various romantic dates in scenic locations renders hearts full and make rom-com lovers squeal with delight.



People who like a sweet romance story might like this drama. There is not one but three couples, who are sickly in love becoming the subject of jealousy for the singles.

However, if a logical plot is the top priority in your checklist, then you might be disappointed because plotwise, there is not much going on. Overall, the drama has its highs and lows. The middle parts were actually quite engaging and had a good momentum.

Inspite of the drama’s flaws, I completed it because of the actors who carried the show. Moon Ga Young really stood out with her portrayal of Yeo Ha Jin. Exhibiting a bright bubbly energy, her comedic acts provided a good laugh.

Kim Dong Wook draws a sweet heart attack as Lee Jeong Hoon. He naturally transforms from a cold hearted man to a mushy sweetheart.

As for the chemistry, there are fireworks everywhere. All the three pairs have great moments together making us wish for more.


Image and Video Credits: MBC