K-Drama Review: “Good Casting” Wagers On A Not-So Perfect Group To Undertake A Highly Challenging Task

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A wrong team allocation for an operation converts itself into a Good Casting while going through lots of cacophonous events.

The Ahjummas has had some trouble with their teamwork initially but they eventually went on to prove that it was indeed a Good Casting. A crime comedy series, Good Casting was filled with some great moments of laughter, romance and action.

Good Casting

Title: Good Casting
Network: SBS
Theme: Crime, Comedy
Length: 16 Episodes
Broadcast Date: 27 April 2020 – 16 June 2020
Main Leads: Choi Kang Hee, Lee Sang Yeob, Yoo In Young, Kim Ji Young, Lee Joon Young, Lee Jong Hyuk
Highlights: Rib-Tickling Humor, Cute Romance and Friendship Moments
Oh No Moments: Poorly Written Narrative
Overall Rating:
Re-watch Value
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Good Casting

In addition, the drama was made wholesome with the presence of interesting characters and side stories. The ensemble of Baek Chan Mi, Im Ye Eun and Hwang Mi Soon makes the viewers root for their win until the end.

Quick Plot Roundup

Baek Chan Mi (Choi Kang Hee) is a top-notch NIS agent, who can single-handedly defeat the toughest enemies. However, an important mission goes wrong and she ends up losing her subordinate to an international criminal, who goes by the name Michael. Baek Chan Mi vows to bring down Michael and waits for the right opportunity to catch the faceless figure.

Three years later, a new case emerges that involves Il Kwang Hitech, one of the most renowned IT companies in the country, where new technology is about to be leaked. With most of their agents gone, NIS has to put together a new team, who must stop the leaks as well as catch the criminal behind it.

Baek Chan Mi is assigned to the job and joining her as teammates are Hwang Mi Soon (Kim Ji Young) and Im Ye Sun (Yoo In Young), with Dong Gwan Soo (Lee Jong Hyuk) as the team leader. The new task, however will not be easy for this group as Hwang Mi Soon is not as capable as she was during her glorious days and Im Ye Eun, on the hand, has never worked on a field mission.

Good Casting

Regardless, the ladies begin their undercover mission as Baek Chan Mi enters Il Kwang Hitech as a secretary assuming a new name Baek Jang Mi. Meanwhile, Im Ye Eun joins the company as an intern and Hwang Mi Soon takes on the role of a cleaning lady.

Coincidentally, Baek Chan Mi’s boss is the CEO Yoon Seok Ho (Lee Sang Yeob), who used to take tutoring lessons from her. As for Im Ye Eun, she has fateful encounter with Kang Woo Won (Lee Jun Young), an arrogant celebrity.


Rib-Tickling Humor

With presence of trademark comedy, the drama consistently produced great amount of laughter. Each of the characters has got a weird side within themselves that adds to the hilarity of the series.

Definitely not to be missed are Mr. Sunshine parody, Yoon Seok Ho losing his favourite doll, Kang Woo Won’s airport fiasco, the appearance of Dong Casso, and Hwang Mi Soon as the ghost in the ventilation scenes.

Cute Romance and Friendship Moments

Old-school love stories never fails to warm the heart. Here too, the romantic journey of Yoon Seok Ho and Baek Chan Mi tugs at heartstrings as their relationship transitions from a tutor-student to boss-subordinate and then finally lovers. The rewind to the past memories with the use of reels in the video is very creative and exciting to watch.

Also, heartwarming is the progress in the relationship among the undercover team. From performing the missions together, their friendship evolved as they helped each other in other matters as well.

Bromance was especially strong between Yoon Seok Ho and his secretary, Byun Woo Seok (Heo Jae Ho). There were many hyenas waiting to pounce on Yoon Seok Ho and sought after his downfall, but he had one reliable person on his side. The moments between these two are always hilarious as Yoon Seok Ho fails to maintain his cool boss aura infront of him.

Good Casting

Oh No Moments

Poorly Written Narrative

Despite having a great cast, Good Casting could not leave a huge impact as expected. There are in fact, too many plot holes unable to be avoided. During certain instances, it looked like things are too easy for the team while, at other occasions it appeared as if even the smallest thing is too difficult for them. These inconsistencies tend to make the drama boring at times.

Also, it is quite unbelievable that people working at the NIS would make basic mistakes regardless of how incompetent they are. Making the characters unnecessarily foolish just for the sake of comedy is not funny. A character can be quirky and still be good at their job, which was not seen in Good Casting.

Good Casting

Good Casting Series Afterthoughts and Recommendations

The series ends leaving behind many loose ends, thus adding more questions than answers. Although Baek Chan Mi and team managed to catch Michael, whom they have been chasing but the organisation behind him is still a big mystery.

Same thing applies to the history of Byun Woo Seok and his connections. Hopefully, all of these will be unveiled in season 2, as hinted by the drama creators as well as the actors.

Need a good amount of laugh without having to think much? Then, go for Good Casting. Creatively placed, the amusing scenarios will keep you entertained throughout.

Good Casting

Image & Video Credit: SBS