K-Drama Review: “Tomorrow With You” Tracks An Entrancing Love Drive Of A Time Traveler And His Wife

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Tomorrow with You captures a poignant romance in an arduous time-bending journey that remains true to its love promise.

Albeit some frustrating notes, Tomorrow with You surprisingly strongly made a connection to its viewers that it’s impossible not to see the end of it.

tomorrow with you

Title: Tomorrow With You
Distributor: tvN
Theme: Romance, Fantasy
Length: 16 episodes
Broadcast Period: 03 Feb 2017 to 25 Mar 2017
Overall Rating: 
Rewatch Value: 
Plus Factors: Ingenious Plot, Love Couple’s Chemistry
Oh-No Moments: Circling Conflict Resolution, Weak Villain Portrayal
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tomorrow with you

Quick Plot Roundup

Tomorrow with You chronicles the life of a time-traveler, Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) and his quest to prevent his eventual death in the future. When he survived a subway explosion, he obtained an ability to navigate through time.

He learns about his imminent death, so he saves the woman who will be with him in his future fatal encounter, thinking that she can be of help to evade his looming death. Soon enough, they fall in love and get married, but layers of mystery are uncovered as the story threads on the focal conflict of their shared inevitable misfortune.

Working out the strenuous hitch is no easy task due to his perceptive wife Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah), who wants everything in their married life done together. Eventually, So Joon confronts his predicament not with his initial urge to survive, but because it dawns on him that he cannot picture a future without his wife anymore.

tomorrow with you


The romantic drama maintains a wistful sphere even with the thrilling experience of deciphering the hindered rules set by the time-warping premise. The sudden marriage plot and the back story of how the couple’s fated love started way before they realized it, are some of the hook factors that will make you stay devoted in the narrative.

Tomorrow with You withholds the future twist by furtively hiding the key turning points, but at the same time cleverly sketching the essence of how the time-wrinkling plot moves the laid-back tone to build up the emotionally draining culmination. So Joon’s future setting explorations provide charming kicks to lighten up the plot when it is getting perplexing and dragging. The main couple’s sweet moments when not reminded of their bleak marital destiny is endearing to watch.

The narrative intermittently detaches on its own accord, but finds a way to entice you again. From the smooth first half, the story crumbles a little as every dispute raised gives a half-baked resolution. The villain problem is resolved, but the lead man ends up vanishing in the subway.

I prayed for a glimmer of hope that the hero will survive the final blow. Someone from K-drama deities’ palace heard my plea, but not after pushing deep the invisible knife already piercing my heart. He gifts the viewers with So Joon’s afterlife escape where he parries on the near-death experience, only to be burdened by the news that he is left with a little moment to save his wife from her impending death in the present time.

tomorrow with you


Tomorrow with You saves the best for the last as the frames of So Joon’s future escapades start to make sense along with why Ma Rin chose to lie about their supposed failed marriage so that past So Joon can be reprieved of his fate. Since time-warping is a complex plot where the writer of the imagined world is the boss, I accepted the curve of how So Joon survived the antecedent fatal conflict by skipping the year he is supposed to die through a magical juncture distortion, in exchange of losing his powers temporarily the moment he recovered from coma.

It is a pertinent move to propel the climax of whether he can save his wife with all his might, love and yearning. So yes, I heaved a sigh when he successfully undid the chain of his future-limbo-trapped-body to arrive in the present time where he belongs so he can give a penultimate shot of saving his wife to her imminent misfortune.

tomorrow with you

Tomorrow with You tested my fortitude, but I focus on the love promise to overlook the plot confusions. Unrequited and forbearing love is the tangible bond that cushioned So Joon and Ma Rin’s tale, as it was a tough job to unlace the intricate links of their characters’ time transcending movement in the narrative. It feels like a roller-coaster as I hike on the coils and turns of the time traveling chronicle.

It might give a frustrating ride – so consider you are forewarned, if you are not used to a story that you must analyze from start to finish. Nevertheless, I got my closure even if they fit it in less than 60 minutes. So Joon and Ma Rin’s road to ever after is something I would not dare to have. But at least they give me lessons on how compromise, patience and love are essentials that secure an unwavering relationship.


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