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Produce X 101 Recap: Trainees Continue To Vie For Top Spots As Position Evaluation Ensues

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Emotions poured, and frustrations manifested in episode 7 of Mnet’s survival program.

Produce X 101 episode 7 saw the remaining trainees battling it out to be the best in their chosen position. Last week’s episode wrapped up the rest of the performances and revealed the top trainees for each position who gained the much-coveted benefit points.

Produce X 101

Two teams each faced off in the Dance and Vocal Positions, while the other two teams performed in the Rap and X positions, respectively. The teams performed songs from Jason Derulo featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign, Imagine Dragons (Dance), BOL4, WANNA ONE (Vocal), Ja Mezz, Andup, and WINNER’s MINO featuring Paloalto (X Position) and HAON and VINXEN.

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Produce X 101 Position Evaluation Part Two

“Swalla” by Jason Derulo featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign (Remix)

The first performance of the night consisted of trainees who were in the middle and low ranks. Trainee Park Yun Sol even stated that they would place third among the three teams competing for the dance position. Before practice, trainees engaged in a dance battle of sorts where Park Yun Sol and Kang Hyeon Su both displayed their dancing skills, much to the trainers’ delight. However, during their practice, trainers were not happy with their choreography, to the extent that Trainer Choi Young Joon said the group looked low-grade. Trainers Bae Yoon Jeong and Kwon Jae Seung also expressed their concern.

Trainee Kang Hyeon Su revealed that Produce X 101 is his last chance at being an entertainer and his desperation to survive stems from it. If he fails or gives up being a trainee, he will be joining the military. The group pulled off a great performance and Kang Hyeon Su emerged as the top trainee, just like what Trainee Kim Min Seo said happened in his dream.

“Barcode” by HAON and VINXEN

This group had a tensed moment from the time they picked their center. The discord was visible even on the performance rehearsal as Trainer Cheetah pointed out a mistake in the lyrics. She reiterated that they were in the same team and told them to merge their thoughts. It was then revealed that Trainee Yu Ri wanted to get the position but Won Hyuk desired it as well. He eventually gave in but during Rap class, Yu Ri kept on making mistakes. They talked and decided to change their center, but once again Won Hyuk failed to get the position. Trainee Baek Jin, the group’s leader became the center as well, much to Won Hyuk’s disappointment. It affected their practice and Baek Jin called out Won Hyuk for acting out.

The two trainees had a talk where Baek Jin stated that he could feel Won Hyuk’s anger and frustration for not being the group’s center. He also said he understood how he felt as his rank was not that high either, but they had to focus on their performance. The group managed to pull through and finish their stage, but not without mistakes as three members forgot the lyrics. Won Hyuk got the most votes and secured the number one spot.

“Day by Day” by WANNA ONE

Trainee Nam Dong Hyun was voted the leader of the group as he has experiences in arranging and editing songs. He wanted to play the guitar at the start of the song, but the overall vibe seemed off. The group met with the musical directors and they told him that the guitar accompaniment did not suit the song. They also pointed out that he focused too much on his guitar playing and it might cause a problem with the vocalist. Back at the training center, trainee Song Yu Bin expressed his support for Nam Dong Hyun playing the instrument but said that it might not go well with the song. Another trainee Choi Su Hwan stated that due to time restraint, they won’t be able to create a perfect performance and that they had to let go of some things.

However, Nam Dong Hyun insisted as he felt it was going to be his last stage, so he wanted to perform with his guitar. He promised to edit the song using his guitar away from the other members so as not to cause disturbance. They agreed to have him practice on his own and showed them what he came up with, and from there, they would decide. As he was struggling at practice, Choi Su Hwan entered the Journal Room and voiced his support. Nam Dong Hyun cried as Su Hwan’s gesture moved him. He managed to come up with a better song edit with his guitar. The trainers also praised his effort and they finished their stage with their own rendition of the song. Trainee Song Yu Bin took the first place in his group.

“Turtle Ship” by Ja Mezz, Andup, and WINNER’s MINO featuring Paloalto

Trainee Lee Jin Hyuk had probably faced the biggest challenge, yet as the group’s leader. Most of the trainees that chose the song were inexperienced. He tried to compromise and accommodate the shortcomings but at the back of his mind he was stressing because, aside from the rap lyrics, they have to come up with the choreography. So, while the other members wrote and practiced their rap parts, Jin Hyuk created their dance moves. On the dance class, trainers were not able to comment as the group only showed a short dance performance.

His frustrations got bigger after dance class when they regrouped, as the members kept losing their focus. Stressed and upset, he walked out of the practice room after admonishing them. Jin Hyuk went to the Journal Room where he continued to vent his frustrations and expressed his fear. He said failing to get the benefit points would make him sad but it was more humiliating to show an awful stage. Lee Jin Hyuk went back and talked to the team. He apologized for yelling and walking out on them. Despite their issues, Lee Jin Hyuk and the rest of the group gave a great performance. His efforts did not go to waste as the on-site National Producers voted for him.

“Believer” by Imagine Dragons (Remix)

To come up with the dance moves, Team Believer decided to pair up and make the choreography on their given parts. They agreed to combine the things they created but only trainees Keum Dong Hyun and Hwang Yun Seong worked together. During dance class, they were criticized for trying too hard and having repetitive dance moves. The trainers also stated that their choreography was boring and too plain. Trainer Bae Yoon Jeong advised them to come up with an idea and decide on their concept.

After hearing out the feedback of the trainers and following the tip they received, the group impressed the trainers during the performance rehearsal. Bae Yoon Jeong even commented that they were perfect and have a big chance of winning the battle for the dance position. Onsite voters picked Hwang Yun Seong as the top trainee for his group.

“To My Youth” by BOL4

Touted as the visual team, the members included trainees Kim Min Kyu and Kim Woo Seok (who were voted and ranked first and second place, respectively, as visual centers) and Choi Byung Chan (who was on the 6th rank). As they decided on their parts, Maroo Entertainment trainee Lee Jin Woo seemed shy on showing his vocal ability. He said he was quite insecure of his singing as he was on his puberty and felt his voice was not that good. Kim Woo Seok guided the young trainee and he managed to overcome his fear.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Kyu revealed everything was happening too fast for him. As someone who has not been training that long, the attention was daunting. He felt he had to do a lot better. He recalled the criticisms he received from trainers since day one as well as the online comments. On vocal class, he was nervous, and most members were singing too softly. Trainee Lee Seok Hoon pointed out it made Byung Chan’s voice sound awkward. Lee Seok Hoon mentioned that the beginning was important. After practicing harder, Min Kyu and his group delivered a poignant rendition of the song. Kim Woo Seok moved the onsite voters and was named the top trainee in his team.

Produce X 101 Position Evaluation Winners

Dance Position Winner

Produce X 101

It was a close fight between Kang Hyeon Su and Hwang Yun Seong. He was named overall winner in the Dance Position with 616 total onsite votes. He edged out Hwang Yun Seong by four points (612) to get the 100,000 benefit points (overall points – 161,000).

Rap Position Winner

Nam Do Hyun expressed confidence in getting the top spot. However, Won Hyuk, who got 514 votes, bested him. With the benefit points, his total points racked up to 151,400.

Vocal Position Winner

Produce X 101

The first-placed trainees for each song were head to head. But Kim Woo Seok (606) defeated Han Seung Woo (580), Song Yu Bin (545) and Lee Eun Sang (490). He got the additional 100,000 points and gathered a total of 160,600 points.

X Position Winner

Lee Jin Hyuk and Koo Jung Mo battle it out for the 200,000 benefit points. With a total of 680 onsite votes, Lee Jin Hyuk clinched the top spot. His onsite votes, plus the 200 times additional score and 200,000 benefit points, gave him 336,000 overall points.

The onsite votes, benefit points and online votes will be combined to determine the rankings of the trainees. This also decides on who will remain to move on to the next round as the Second Ranking Announcement happens on the next episode.

The preview for Episode 8 of Produce X 101 shows a sneak peek of this season’s Concept Evaluation. Watch the preview below.

Produce X 101 airs on Mnet every Friday at 11PM KST.

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