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K-Drama Recap: “Switch Change The World” Episodes 9 – 12

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Week 3 of Switch Change The World keeps up its exciting ride with clever character-stimulating plot.

We got a whole picture of where the plot trajectory is heading. But with the hero’s unpredictable mind, we are constantly caught off guard with the surprising twists and bends of the story.

Switch Change The World

Jang Geun Suk, along with the cast portraying the heroes and villains, are efficiently using their screen time in making the narrative neat and fast-paced.

Except for the kettle corn ajussi who keeps popping out here and there in the story, the viewers are pretty much familiar to the mind games played in the story.

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Episodes: 1-4, 5-8

Switch Change The World has a unique magic of making the audience subconsciously pretend that they are part of Team Switch on a quest to serve justice by catching evil rich villains. Don’t you agree?

Switch Change The World

Switch Change The World Episodes 9-12 Highlights

Heroes versus Villains

The diplomat who uses the President’s entourage for illegal drug transportation is brought to the Prosecutor’s office for questioning. Ha Ra inquires how Do Chan thought about the statue, but he evades her inquisition by citing it is another trick of his trade.

Do Chan visits Tae Woong and tells him how he got the idea that the drugs might be hidden inside the Easter statue after his last visit at the art gallery.Switch Change The World

The two expertly play mind games to each other. Do Chan hints the repercussions if he is involved, but Tae Woong is also quick to cover his tracks, and orders his subordinate to bring over legit exhibit documents to present to the prosecutor for inspection.

District Prosecutor pushes for extreme punishment to his subordinates for their uncalled for operation. Team leader walks in to the room to inform the instruction of Prosecutor General to delve deeper on the case by forming a special team to investigate the drug trafficking as per the instruction of the Blue House (President’s office).

Ha Ra’s ears perk up hearing the good news, but Team Leader mumbles that Jun Soo, who is still recovering, will lead the unit. The team heave a sigh, but Do Chan quickly gets back to the reality to inquire if he will be paid more for taking the new mission.

Switch Change The World

The Quasi-Prosecutor

Jun Soo is visited by his doctor for a check-up. The doctor tells him how Ha Ra scolds him for not making him better, and advises him to inform his friends about his condition so that they can prepare for the worst.

Later on, Ha Ra discusses how the case escalation might be too much for Do Chan to handle. But Jun Soo firmly believes in his capability.

Thus the Diplomat Bag Narcotics Team is officially formed. Prosecutor villain is planted by District Prosecutor to join the team as his mole. Through Jun Soo’s remote coaching via high-tech spy devices, Do Chan delegates the work to the respective team members for the investigation. The villains are alarmed immediately when the Diplomat’s Bahamas secret funds were uncovered by the team.

Tae Woong’s (useless) underlings decide to sell the small leftover amounts of drugs in their possession that would strain the club’s already complicated situation. Jun Soo contemplates if Do Chan has an ulterior motive in agreeing to be his stand-in.

Switch Change The World

Attacks and Counter-attacks

The diplomat drags on the investigation by keeping silent until he receives new instruction to spill the beans. He is being told to point the blame to the President, perplexing the prosecutors and causing media frenzy nationwide.

District Prosecutor tells them to be off the case as it will now go to the Special Prosecutors’ unit. Tae Woong discusses with his right hand about his plan to control the District Prosecutor as his puppet.

A special prosecutor is assigned for the case as Ha Ra’s heart explodes with anger and disappointment. District Prosecutor officially joins the villains’ prestigious lair, hailed as the Namsan Club. Together with the members, they celebrate victory over the case since the appointed special prosecutor is one of their men too.

Switch Change The World

Do Chan meets Tae Woong for a chess game again. Meanwhile, the diplomat is transported for an investigation but escaped after a road incident. He drives to a deserted place, and calls his “boss” to pick him up. It turns out that Do Chan and his team set up the accident in order to lead the diplomat to his master through Ha Ra’s previous hint – by having a planned road incident to let the diplomat escape, because as soon as he does, the first person he will contact has to be his “boss”. It brilliantly turns out that way, which leads the Switch team to a birthday party, where Do Chan meets villain-businessman Hwang Bum Do.

Tae Woong and his right hand retrieve the Thai Bible used by the diplomat previously. The smart villain catches up on the message hidden from the book. Do Chan begins investigating Hwang Bum Do while Ha Ra is bugged about Do Chan’s true intentions in helping them.

Switch Change The World

The Clash of Principles

As expected, Jun Soo is not happy about how they obtain information on their target man. The look-alike banters about doing the right thing. He contemplates on the situation, and clutches his chest when he feels a sudden pain.

Meanwhile, Do Chan thinks about the identity of the person who saved him when he was abducted. Ha Ra meets his sister for a drink, mumbling about the two guys surrounding her. She drunkenly labels them as bland and strong, and wonders if she can mix them together like soju and beer.

Switch Change The World

Armed with alcohol intoxication, she barges to Jun Soo’s room to lecture him about his unbending righteous principles. She closes her drunk blab, praising his good-looking face.

Tae Woong retrieves a picture of Bong ajussi when he gave the Bible to the diplomat. He instructs Secretary Kim to check on the people around Baek Jun Soo.

At that same moment, Sa Do Chan gets the result of the background check done by Bong ajussi on the squeaky clean business dealings of Hwang Bum Do. Do Chan is skeptic about the latter’s identity as “brown bear” so he wants to check if the vacation house he remembered from when he was young belongs to him.

Switch Change The World

Team Switch

Eun Ji and In Tae trail Hwang to check on his activities, and follow him to a guarded vacation house. The savvy duo push their investigation by using a camera drone, and finds the house drawn by Do Chan from his memory.

The location is confirmed by Team Switch so they just have to check if drugs are stored in the place. But it is guarded with high security, so the other option is to get an official search warrant. Unbeknownst to them, Ha Ra followed Do Chan to their secret place, and forces her way to the ploy they are brewing.

District Prosecutor is advised about the diplomat’s escape that might lead the prosecutors to check the villains’ man Hwang Bum Do, so he is cautioned to take care of it.

Team Switch trio chat about their connection with Do Chan and their lives as robinhoods, swindling evil rich people. In Tae used to be an IT company president who got conned. Eun Ji’s hard-earned money went to nothing when her mother got conned. Bong ajussi tells the two that he met Do Chan when he was young, but seems to be hiding some secrets.

Switch Change The World

Operation Seize Vacation House

Do Chan briefs the prosecutor team about the vacation house of Hwang Bum Do like a Mathematics professor. Apt student Ha Ra understands Professor Do Chan’s hint about the hiding place of the drugs. But their problem is how to get a warrant. Team Leader finally contributes in the scene by suggesting to search on the basis of illegal remodeling.

Kettle corn ajussi dons a suit to attend a party where Chairman Choi’s guest is attending. Team Leader Yang successfully gets a warrant, thus the team is all set to search the vacation house. But atlas, they are a step behind as the villains already moved the drugs from the swimming pool floor.

Ha Ra chases the suspicious orange truck, and recognizes In Tae taking over the driver’s seat with Bong ajussi. But the truck gets lost in the middle of the road. It turns out that it goes into a huge container truck, with the driver none other than Do Chan.

Switch Change The World

Tae Woong scolds Hwang Bum Do for not protecting the goods. The latter attends a senior citizen event in preparation for his city councilman’s campaign. He gives bags of flour to the oldies with Bong ajussi attending the event as one of the elderly people.

Ha Ra finally traces Do Chan’s cellphone signal, and they meet at Hwang Bum Do’s gathering. Do Chan calms her down as he tells her that she will love an impending event which he has staged for her.

It turns out that the Team Switch hid the drugs inside the flour bags earlier on, humiliating the aspiring council man publicly. He is then brought to the prosecutors’ office for questioning.

Switch Change The World

Risks and Miscalculations

Per instruction of Tae Woong, Hwang Bum Doo claims the identity of “brown bear” to protect her daughter. He admits all the crimes were from his orders, and that he has earned the nickname because of his big frame. Do Chan and Ha Ra know that Bum Do is lying.

Head old man villain scolds Tae Woong about his miscalculations, which caused troubles to their club. He orders to shut down his left hand Jo Sung Doo, who caused the drugs to be leaked to the prosecutors.

Do Chan receives a tip to finding Brown Bear so he heads to the location. Secretary Kim and his man also head to a place, while Ha Ra and the police move to a destination. Do Chan reaches the motel, and is greeted by suspicious men guarding the place.

Switch Change The World

Switch Change the World is available via “Ppalip-pali Hours” of  One TV Asia every Thursday and Friday at 8:10 PM. Territories apply.

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