K-Drama Mid-Series Check: “SKY Castle” Consistently Piques Through Chaotic But Engaging Conflict

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What seems to be a shallow conflict from its onset, Sky Castle elaborated its drama game through its well-defined characters.

Sky Castle

From its humble premiere ratings, SKY Castle surged high from its second week and has since delighted fans following its story.

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Getting acquainted to the SKY Castle families especially the mothers overseeing the educational lives of their children appears a boring core to spin the plot. However, the disheartening pictures of the parents’ obsession on their children’s university education draw the engagement for the series.

After the battle to get the best tutor, Soo Jin remains focus on her goal to send her daughter Ye Seo to SNU’s medical school. Along with that goal is securing extra-curricular activities that will add spark on Ye Seo’s specs.

Managing to secure the school president at the expense of Kang Hye Na. The middle part of the story points to another nightmare for Soo Jin, now that she will be forcedly connected to her daughter’s rival, who is hinted to be her husband’s love child.

Sky Castle

Mid Series Afterthoughts

Seeing the moms overly hands-on to their children’s future is the gravitating factor for its followers. Because we see them interacting in a civil manner one moment, then they shift to scheming vile ladies the next second.

For a change, we also have a family-relationship centered drama that does not involve debts and forbidden love. It’s interesting to note how the conflict leading the narrative has been working on one goal — to have the children go to their parents’ preferred university. But the writer was able to weave side stories which are spicing up the four families that got intertwined because of one broken family.

Finale expectations

Since we have pretty much figured out the sketches of the mothers, I hope the second stride will focus more on the children. Based on its initial conflict direction plus the remaining count of episodes, a rush trajectory is inevitable. We will be lucky if we get faint frames of Ye Seo, the twins and Woo Joo in college.


While we can’t argue how Seo Jin as a heroine is a novelty, I wish for some convincing character redemption in the end. We can see and feel how she only wants the best for her children, although she does not care the means on how she achieves it.

What happens now that Hye Na stumbles on the truth about her mother’s lover? Will we get a looming triangle between Woo Joo, Ye Seo and Hye Na? What is Coach Yoo Jung’s end game? What will stop Soo Jin on her bizarre disillusionment? Will another family suffer the same fate that happened in Young Jae’s family?

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