EXO Members Make Everyone Emotional With Their Group Photos As They Send D.O. Off To The Army

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No one touch us right now, please, because we are gonna cry bittersweet tears.

The month of July started off emotional for fans of EXO as they send off another member to the army today, July 1.

Still recuperating from missing Xiumin who entered boot camp in May this year, EXO-L bade another “see you again” as D.O. sets off to fulfill his mandatory military service.

The singer-actor surprised everyone with the  news of his enlistment when he, via SM Entertainment, announced that he applied for active duty — earlier than what most people have expected — after a thoughtful consideration and discussion with his members. The specific time and location of his entrance to boot camp were not disclosed upon the request of D.O. He is expected to be discharged in January 2021.

That’s Okay, It’s Kyungsoo: EXO-L and D.O. Bid Each Other A Temporary Goodbye

Using the hashtag #ThatsOkayItsKyungsoo and #경수니까괜찮아, fans of D.O. worldwide relayed their well-wishes, promises, and how proud they are of the singer-actor, while also celebrating the release of his solo song “That’s Okay”.

“Amazing vocals! Thank you so much for this present,” wrote Twitter user @kyungsoo_stan. Another fan, by the username @BUNNYMYE0N, praised D.O. for the beautiful song and lyrics. She also promised to always be there for the EXO member no matter how much waiting it takes.

“That’s Okay” was unveiled on July 1 — in time for the EXO member’s military enlistment — as part of SM Entertainment’s digital music project SM Station. It became available through various music sites. D.O. contributed in writing the lyrics and served as the vocal director and background vocal of the song.

An animated music video accompanied the digital release of the song. As of 7 p.m. KST, the MV has raked 464,237 views and was liked more than 215,000 times. Viewers also left supportive comments on it, as well as, sweet messages on how much they are going to miss the singer-actor.

The hashtags #ThatsOkayItsKyungsoo and #경수니까괜찮아 occupied the top and third spots of Twitter’s worldwide trends.

“Don’t Be Hurt”: From EXO to Kyungsoo

In addition to EXO-L, D.O.’s brothers — the EXO members — also left their well-wishes and messages for the singer-actor who officially became the second member to enlist following their eldest hyung Xiumin who also recently completed his basic training.

Leader Suho posted candid shots of the members who gathered to send D.O. to the army. He accompanied the shots with EXO’s slogan “WE ARE ONE! EXO 사랑하자”.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol captioned their group photos with a short but sweet message directed to D.O. — “Don’t be hurt.”

On the other hand, maknae Sehun uploaded a photo of D.O. taken in Hawaii and wrote “Go and come back safely.”

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19.07.01 WE ARE ONE! EXO 사랑하자!

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도경자잘다녀와요 -하와이에서

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EXO’s official social media channels also shared the group photos which feature D.O. with his shaved head, receiving much adoration from his members.

WE ARE ONE: The Boys, Sans Xiumin, Come Together For D.O.

Fans of the boy group also got treated to a sweet surprise as Lay Zhang joined his brothers, sans Xiumin, in the send off, warming the hearts of many and making EXO-L emotional with the highly-awaited reunion.

The last time fans got to see Lay with his members was with the Don’t Mess Up My Tempo album. He made short appearances in the Korean and Chinese versions of the title track “Tempo”. The new photographs also marked the first candid group photo, in a long time, of the “Honey” singer with his members.

The unexpected reunion led “Yixing” and “WE ARE ONE” to trend on the worldwide trends of Twitter.

Fans expressed their shock and happiness in seeing Lay with EXO again. They also relayed their appreciation for the singer-songwriter’s sweet gesture to send off D.O. despite his busy schedule including a concert tour which kicks off in Shanghai on July 6.

Twitter user @baekdo_universe wrote a short yet emotional post on Twitter which read, “Of course, Yixing hyung came,” along with D.O. and Lay’s photos and crying face and heart emojis.

“Yixing made time to send Kyungsoo off even though he’s busy with his concert preparations and rehearsals. If at this point you can still say he does not care about EXO, I have no words,” wrote the tweet posted by @eternallyixing.

July — The Month Of EXO

July may have started bittersweet for EXO-L with D.O.’s enlistment, but the boy group has more in store for their fans in the coming days.

Dubbed as the “EXO Month”, the seventh month of the year will witness various activities — solo, unit, and as a group — from Suho, Lay, Chen, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun.

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Chen will once again serenade with his voice on July 2 through Ailee’s new album butterFLY. He will serve as a featuring artist for the track “LOVE”.

Meanwhile, Lay will hold his first solo concert in various cities in China through Grand Line which is also expected to bring the singer-songwriter to other countries. The concert tour will start in Shanghai on the 6th and will also take place in Nanjing on the 20th.

Lay Zhang

EXO will also welcome its third soloist this month in Baekhyun who will release his first mini album City Lights on July 10.

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Aside from a new soloist, the boy group will also debut its first duo unit through Chanyeol and Sehun’s upcoming collaboration. To be known as EXO-SC, the new sub-unit will release a mini album titled What A Life on July 22.


But before Chanyeol and Sehun debut as a unit, EXO will stand on South Korea’s concert stage again via EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration.

The EXplOration, which is expected to bring the boys to more concert stages worldwide, will start at the KSPO Dome in Seoul on July 19 to 21 and July 26 to 28.

In addition to the boys’ music releases and concert tours, members Kai, Chanyeol, and Sehun will also grace South Korea’s fashion magazines for the month of July. Kai will have a spread in the July issue of Vogue, while EXO-SC will cover W magazine this month.

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