Key Moments In Episode 5 of “Touch Your Heart”

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When the law firm scores a big case – one that will test Jung Rok’s ability as a lawyer and his friendship with Yeo Reum.

Touch Your Heart continues to entertain, and episode 5 has given viewers more insights into the characters. It has a good amount of fluffy and serious work-related scenes. We finally get to see Jung Rok take on a major case and see him in full attorney mode.

Touch Your Heart.

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Yoon Seo receives a text message from Jung Rok early in the morning that he will be an hour late as he is meeting a client. She smiles to herself and reminds Jung Rok to bundle up as the weather is cold. Jung Rok replies she should cover up too which causes Yoon Seo to smile widely.

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At the office, Jung Rok arrives to see his secretary’s desk covered in pink. He tells her that he knows she likes the color, but it is not suitable for the office. Yoon Seo reminds him of their conversation at the drive-in theater about a person’s right to happiness and free will. Jung Rok is quite impressed with her memory and tells her to do her wishes.

However, when he enters his office, he sees a splash of pink as well. His chair has a strawberry cushion and pink flower pillow. His desk has a strawberry pen, pink folder, and on top of his laptop lies two pink heart-shaped sticky note pads. Jung Rok is stumped, and Yoon Seo asks if he likes what she did to his office. He tells her that he likes black, and his happiness and free will must be considered too.

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Though upset, Yoon Seo takes the items with her except for the note pads. She says he can write on it and sticks it on her desk if he wants something and she is not present. Jung Rok, seeing the practicality in her statements, lets it go. They spend the first half of the day exchanging notes – with Yoon Seo keeping his notes inside the drawer while Jung Rok sticks her correspondence on a pin board on his desk.


Not long after, Jung Rok steps out of his office and they leave for a trial. She watches him argue his case with fascination. The trial ends and on their way out of the court room, Yoon Seo asks Jung Rok the reason he became a defense attorney when most his classmates became prosecutors. He tells her it is because he likes money. Yoon Seo finds him more charming with his straight answer.

Outside, Yoon Seo sees Yeo Reum from a distance and she distracts Jung Rok. She tells him to move quickly but Yeo Reum spots them and calls out to Jung Rok. She invites him to eat pasta with her and says she has something important to tell him. Yeo Reum says it is a secret, so Jung Rok asks Yoon Seo to go back by herself. Yoon Seo becomes upset once more and as she walks alone, she laments that she wants to eat pasta too.

Yeo Reum consults Jung Rok about a murder case she will be prosecuting. They talk how sensitive the case is and she is in quite a dilemma. Yeo Rum invites him to have coffee, but Jung Rok says he is busy. Back at the office, Jung Rok arrives, and Yoon Seo welcomes him with a glare. She takes back the post-it notes and tells him he does not deserve it. He invites her to have lunch, but she angrily declines. She keeps glaring at him and when he asks her about it, she tells him she is not glaring. She declares that she often hears people mention she has blazing eyes and that an actress needs to have such eyes to capture the camera. Then she walks out leaving Jung Rok more confused.

Jung Rok informs her that he will be meeting a client and will go home after. Yoon Seo, still pouting, answers unenthusiastically. He senses she is mad for some reason and questions her about it. Yoon Seo refuses to tell him the reason and cites Article 17 of the constitution which pertains to privacy. Jung Rok inquires if he taught her that and she smugly says she learned it herself.

Before he can leave, Yoon Seo stops him. She asks which movie, between Avatar and What’s Wrong with That Lawyer, he prefers and the most memorable for him. Jung Rok answers that he likes the former’s unique concept while he enjoys the latter as he can relate to it. This angers Yoon Seo more. She shouts at Jung Rok for being mean and stalks off.


After receiving a double O reply from Yeon Seo, a far contrast to her usual text chatter, he wonders what is wrong with her. Jung Rok surprises the group when he shows up to the company dinner. Yoon Seo is still glaring at him which unsettles Jung Rok. Joon Kyu asks Jung Rok his reason in attending e dinner when he previously turned it down. Jung Rok tells them that he is there to see Yoon Seo. The group is startled with Jung Rok’s straightforward answer and Joon Kyu inquires if they have feelings for each other.

Yoon Seo denies this and calls it absurd. Jung Rok clarifies that he wants to clean the air between them as she seems to be upset with him about something. He asks her in front of everyone the reason, which flusters Yoon Seo. He says he likes to hear everyone’s opinion and if most agree that he is the one at fault, he will fix it.

The people at their table become curious. After mentioning about the pink decoration and the post-it instructions as the reasons, she says she has no particular reason. She settles with the excuse that she was hungry at the time. The group, especially Jung Rok, accept her reasoning.


A drunk Yoon Seo confronts Jung Rok as he comes out of the men’s room. She scolds him for telling their colleagues about their personal issue. Jung Rok apologizes and reminds her that they have already resolved their misunderstanding. Yoon Seo tells him nothing is resolved because she is still mad at him for another reason. She asks him his reason for eating pasta without her as she wants to eat pasta as well. When Jung Rok tells her that they could eat one tomorrow, she continues by saying it annoys her because he ate pasta with someone else and breaks down to tears.

At home, his friend Se Won mentions a colleague saw him and heard he ate pasta with Yeo Reum. Now annoyed with the word “pasta”, Jung Rok lashes out to his friend and asks him what is wrong with eating pasta. Se Won says he is jealous because he ate pasta with the girl he likes. This bit of information piques Jung Rok’s interest and gives him an idea that Yoon Seo likes him.

At the office, she tells Jung Rok to forget what she said because she only thinks of them as friends. The reason she was upset is because she felt left out as her best friend is having a good time with someone else. Jung Rok agrees to forget what happened. Joon Kyu summons him to his office and gives him the Im Yun Hee case, the same one Yeo Reum consulted him with. He initially refuses but later accepts after Joon Kyu guilt-trips him.

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Jung Rok wants to talk to the suspect; hence, he plans a visit to the detention center. Yoon Seo tags along and prepares lunch boxes to take with her on their trip. They get two hours of free time as the visitation is delayed. She impresses Jung Rok with her cooking skills and she brags that she once played a chef in a drama.

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The chilly wind blows, and she blabbers about how the company would lose if Jung Rok gets sick. Yoon Seo is cold and Jung Rok suggests that pockets are made so she could warm her hands. She thanks Jung Rok and puts her hand inside his pocket, at the same time, he points to hers. Embarrassed, she apologizes in a tiny voice and walks ahead of him.

On their way back, she senses Jung Rok is bothered by his conversation with the suspect. She encourages him and promises to read the documents to look for something that will help. However, she sleeps through and wakes up in front of her house. He teases her about her snoring which she vehemently denies. Jung Rok asks if snoring is such a bad thing and she says yes as she only wants him to think of her as pretty. She clarifies that because he is strict, and she does not want him to criticize her if she takes it easy.


Jung Rok and Yeo Reum face each other in court as adversaries. He uses the suspect’s history of abuse to argue about her mental state. He also tells the jury and the judge that his client sustained injuries which made it impossible for her to commit the crime. Yeo Reum gets the upper hand when she reveals that the suspect’s husband has an insurance policy amounting to 4.9 million. The jury and the public seem swayed by this information and it rattles Jung Rok’s defense as well.

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Back at the office, Yoon Seo tells Jung Rok that it would have been nice to have a warm-hearted and thoughtful person like him during the time when everyone has turned their backs. She believes he could win the case and that she trusts him.

He invites her to have dinner and he reveals to Yoon Seo his true reason for becoming a defense lawyer. He expresses his gratitude for Yoon Seo’s belief in him and tells her that if ever a time comes she feels she has no one, he will be there for her. Jung Rok’s statements move Yoon Seo and she tells him she has something to say but will not say it at that moment. A day will come when she will reveal to him her exact emotions at that time.

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Things are definitely evolving between Jung Rok and Yoon Seo. Their interactions continue to be sweet and touching. As if exchanging text messages was not enough to make viewers giddy, they threw in post-it message exchanges in the mix. Though the notes were mostly tasks and work-related, that simple act put so much emphasis on how their relationship has improved.

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Yoon Seo is also acknowledging her growing feelings for Jung Rok. She feels threatened by Yeo Reum’s presence and her antics are hilarious. Jung Rok, on his part, is seeing his secretary in a new light. He is amused, that is pretty obvious despite him trying not to show it. He is still confused by some of her actions and childish behavior.

I love how Jung Rok is upfront and straightforward especially when it comes to settling their differences. Though his social skills are lacking, he compensates it with his sincere and honest demeanor. The Im Yun Hee trial is causing a rift between him and Yeo Reum but the latter is being pressured to do well. A lot of things are going on with Yeo Reum as well and it is somehow affecting her judgment as she tries so hard to prove her worth.

I am eager to know how the case gets resolved and its impact on Jung Rok and Yeo Reum’s friendship. Touch Your Heart is such a light drama that I am having a blast with the episodes so far.

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