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Park Shi Hoo To Choose Between Love & Revenge In New Drama “Babel”

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Rolling projects for actor Park Shi Hoo is making up for those times fans missed him in K-dramaland.

Embroiled in a scandal just as his career was peaking up, Park Shi Hoo took a long shot in reviving his career, and was successful in doing so.

Loyal fans who stayed by his side are now gifted by the actor, as he streaks television dramas one after another.

Park Shi Hoo

For his next series, Park Shi Hoo takes on a mystery melodrama, Babel, via TV Chosun.

Babel spins the story of a man, who has forsaken everything for revenge. Park is set to don a prosecutor robe who will be tasked to investigate the woman he loves. The series aims to elaborate the greedy and cruel world within a rich household.

Known for his emotional roles in The Princess’ Man and Prosecutor Princess, Park is keen to showcase another memorable character.

His recent dramas My Golden Life and Lovely Horribly were met with support from viewers, who clearly noticed his diligence in sketching distinct feels of the same roles given to him.

Park Shi Hoo

Park promises to do his best for the new drama as an ambitious prosecutor, who will be challenged to choose between love and revenge.

Babel will be the first drama to air in 2019 for TV CHOSUN. An official from the network said, “We plan to meet the expectation of viewers through a well-made modern drama.”

Leading the production is PD Yoon Sung Shik, whose popular works include Bridal Mask, You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, and Hwarang.

Babel targets January 2019 broadcast date via TV CHOSUN.

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