May 2020 K-Pop Comeback Lineup: ASTRO, MONSTA X, DAY6 & More

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May will be a busy month for the K-Pop music industry as a flurry of groups and soloists gear up to release comebacks throughout the month.

Considering the numerous releases slated for the month of May, it is shaping to be a busy and exciting time for K-pop artists who are having an anticipated comeback.

Following a quieter first quarter of the year due to COVID-19, all eyes are on the various artists planning to make new releases. Not only is it the busiest comeback season since the start of 2020, but it is also filled with many of the industry’s leading faces. As such, fans excitedly await what will surely be an eventful month.

Front runners for this month include many artists who consistently dominate the charts. With strong domestic and global fanbases, the following artists have created considerable buzz regarding their upcoming releases.


SM Entertainment has confirmed that Taeyeon will be making her comeback this May. The Girls Generation member delayed her solo comeback, which was originally scheduled for a March 9th release following the unfortunate passing of her father.

Her single, “Happy” will now be released on May 4th. Mixing a blend of old styles and new, the pop track is eagerly anticipated amongst her fans.

IU feat. BTS’ suga

IU’s recent announcement for her May 6th digital single release called “<에잇”, had the internet raving with only minimal details. Surprising the music industry and fans with her comeback, IU plans to accompany the unexpected song with a music video.

To add to the excitement, her company announced that BTS’ acclaimed rapper and producer, Suga had a hand in the track. While he produced the song, he will also be featured on the track. The collaboration of two of K-Pop’s leading powerhouses has fans on the edge of their seats to see what the pair have come up with.

IU and Suga Comeback


ASTRO will be making a return this month with GATEWAY, a mini-album comprised of six tracks, which will be released on May 6th. Leading up to their comeback, ASTRO provided fans with stunning individual and group photos. While one shoot featured a more nautical theme, the other showed the group as desert wanderers.

With this ethereal travel concept, ASTRO hints that they will bring fans into another world.


Among the many planning to release music, MONSTA X has unveiled their plans for a mini-album titled Fantasia X. Consisting of seven tracks, the album promises to delight fans. Members Joohoney and I.M wrote lyrics for all songs, partaking in their compositions and arrangements as well.

The group has also unveiled individual concept trailers; they recall the narrative of prior releases and hint at its expansion in this album. This comeback also marks Joohoney’s awaited return following prior health issues that caused his absence from recent activities.

monsta x fantasia x



The boy band NU’EST also makes their return to the music scene on May 11th with their eighth mini-album, The Nocturne. 

As the album name implies, this comeback features the boys heading to a darker, more sensual mood and sound. With a heavy narrative-driven album trailer, fans see NU’EST finding freedom in the night and seeking the creation of their own, a kind of night that is not interrupted by the daytime. Fans eagerly await the dreamy comeback and its curious exploration of how one can find comfort in the darkness.


Idol band DAY6 is additionally preparing for a May 11th comeback release with The Book of Us: The Demon. In what is possibly the most romantic release of the month, the group recently delivered its album trailer.

With simplistic but beautiful animations, the band outlines the central thematic goal of the album: exploring the trials and tribulations of a relationship challenged by a metaphorical ‘demon’.

The band teases the possible heart-wrenching tracks to come in the album, as they consider whether this demon will separate the two lovers who find themselves at odds.


Girl group BVNDIT has released more information on their comeback! The girl group celebrated their first anniversary this month and will be joining many of their senior artists with a May release.

After delivering a single titled “Children” earlier this month, the group will make their full comeback on May 13th with their second mini-album called, Carnival.

BVNDIT Carnival


BOL4 is set to release a track titled, “Butterfly and Cat”, featuring EXO’s Baekhyun on May 7th! The track comes just before her mini-album release on May 13th.

The pre-release is one of two title tracks on the album. Fans are extremely excited about the song as this will be BOL4’s first time having a feature on her album.


BigHit Entertainment’s newest boy group is set to make a comeback on May 18 with The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY. After many rumours circulating within the press regarding TXT’s potential comeback, their agency finally confirmed in a statement that they would return in May.

The statement was followed by the release of TXT’s first comeback teaser. The video shows a conceptual continuation of their last comeback, The Dream Chapter: MAGIC, released in October 2019.

txt eternity

NCT 127

Following the sensational release of their previous album, NCT 127 is back again this May with a re-package release. On May 19th, the group will unveil NCT #127: The Final Round.

While the repackage album will include thirteen songs from the previous album, NCT 127’s newest album will include a new title track called “Punch” in addition to three new b-sides, forming an impressive tracklist.

Fresh off the frenzy that previous title song “Kick It” had on music charts and online, many are anticipating the group’s newest release to be just as catchy and successful.

nct 127


Crush will make an exciting return on May 20th with the release of a single off of his new album “homemade 1”. The artist has kept details of the track a surprise so far, keeping its title and the featuring artist under wraps. Fans are eagerly anticipating the thrilling collaboration!


Difficulty keeping track? Here’s a timeline:

Check out the following lineup to keep track of artists making comebacks in May so far:

May 4 – TAEYEON returns with new single, “Happy”

May 6 – ASTRO returns with, GATEWAY.

May 6 – IU returns with BTS’ Suga collab, “<에잇”.

May 11 – Monsta X returns with, Fantasia X.

May 11 – NU’EST returns with, The Nocturne.

May 11 – Day 6 returns with, The Book of Us: The Demon.

May 13 – BOL4 returns with new album and collaboration with Baekhyun

May 13 – BVNDIT returns with 2nd mini album, Carnival.

May 18 – TXT returns with, The Dream Chapter: Eternity.

May 19 – NCT 127 returns with, NCT #127: The Final Round.

May 20 – Crush returns with single “homemade 1”

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